The Ph.D. of Yulin Daban District Unveiled

On November 3rd, "Guangxi, Macau Bay Areas, Dr. Workstand", "Dr. Yucheng, Guangxi," In Guangdong Innovation Development Promotion Association, Guangdong Hong Kong, Macao Bay District Metal New Materials Industry Alliance is successfully unveiled, becoming the first of Yulin City " Dr. Workstation of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Bay District. " Professor, doctoral tutor, special allowance expert in South China University of Science and Technology, Li Liejun, President of the Sino-Domestic Development Promotion Association of Guangdong, was hired as a ambassador of Yulin Yuchang District. At present, Yucang District is vigorously implemented "Industrial Strong Zone" strategy, Dr. Workstation will give full play to Guangdong University of Innovation Development Promotion Association, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dasan District, China New Materials Industry Alliance "Incubator" and "Reservoir" advantage Further broaden the introduction channels of high-level shortage talents in key areas such as mechanical manufacturing, new energy materials, and traditional Chinese medicine.

At the same time, the project floor and technical cooperation in the comprehensive promotion of talents, the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerates the pace of talents, and provides strong and powerful talent support for the development of the development of the Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District. .

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