People’s Daily praised Changchun City Mayor Public Workshop Office Party Branch: Hotline "All-Clock" rack "Connected Bridge"

  "Dial 12345, there is something to find the government." For the Mayor of Jilin Changchun City, the Changchun Citizen is a heavy trust with the words.

  "12345 hotline" well known to Changchun citizens, also called Changchun Mayor public call. In the office area, the theme wall "Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan" two lines of words are particularly eye-catching.

  Changchun Mayor Public Workshop Office Party Branch established 22 years, have accumulated nearly 9 million people reflected by the masses, and the service satisfaction rate is always over 90%. 24 hours, 365 days is not offline – accumulated answering calls more than 1 million times in June, "12345 hotline" received the public: Green Park Hexin Town Jinmai Street Parp is uneven, especially after the rainfall, deep pit The water is affected. The hotline staff immediately intermitted the Heart Town Government.

The staff of the town government replies: After the bidding will be repaired. On June 7, the town government publicly bidding and construction units, and officially served on the section on the 16th. On July 31, the new asphalt road opened.

"The ‘12345 Hotline’ is popular because it can do things to the people.

"The road has been repaired, the hotline platform has received a lot of people’s approval. Small to seek medical treatment, big to emergency disaster, in the" 12345 hotline "office hall, 40 artificial agents constantly answer, each attendant carefully recorded a solution They have the hard work of "a clear, Pepsi". In 1999, Changchun City opened "12345 hotline".

In the past 22, the Changchun Mayor publicly opened 24 hours, 365 days without departure, and the accumulated call is more than 10 million. "Everyone takes the masses as their own business, they can give the most satisfactory results." Su Zi, secretary of the party branch. During the past year, during the epidemic of the neoguanpi-pneumonia, the Party members of the branch were in front and tried to hold 40 artificial agents. "Usually, 1 year in the day, increase the epidemic period to 1000 pieces." Su Zi Li said that the urgent unit needs full tracking, and it is necessary to set up in 24 hours, the party branch unity leads party members and cadres to work overtime Plus, accumulate nearly 200,000 related problems related to epidemic, and no leaks have been extended. Actively actively, before – 11 years, take the initiative to solve the large screen in the 10,000-piece terminal hall of people’s livelihood, the information service platform system shows the number of real-time calibrations and performs intelligent big data analysis.

The information service platform system is also connected to 3015 grassroots network units. After registration of the masses appeal, the network unit synchronously checks.

"Every unprint of order is clear, and it is incorporated into the work assessment system.

Su Zi Li said. In early June, the party branch went into the new city community community in Pearl Street in Nantuan District, carrying out the "entering the community, listening to public opinion, and the people’s worries" activities. Residents of farmers’ new residents, Liangbo reflected a concern There is a loss of the well cover on the sidewalk of the Ministry of Community. There is a security hidden danger, but the residents cannot identify property rights units. I don’t know who to repair. Respond to the party, Su Zi Li leads the party members of the event, and the exploration found that there is a cable in the well. Confirm that the electric power is used to contact the power sector. The staff of the Nanguan Power Distribution Project Branch of the Municipal Power Supply Company came to the site investigation and quickly developed a rectification plan.

10 construction workers have taken the construction to eliminate safety hazards. In recent years, Changchun Mayor publicly disclosed the party branch of the party branch to build a work mechanism such as the party group, and formed a comprehensive collection of clues, multi-sectoral linkage "integration" work mode. In 2010, the party branch has also launched the new mechanism to solve the new mechanism and solve the new mechanism and solve the new mechanism and solve the new mechanism.

  In the past 11 years, the Party Branch took the initiative to solve the problem of more than 10,000 people’s livelihoods through the media platform of the People’s Network Leadership Board.

Today, the party branch focuses on the customer’s facilitating demand, and has added 12345 WeChat public service function, strengthen the construction of "all-weather, no dead angle".

  Play an advantage, smooth public opinion – promote more than 300 last year, as the epidemic prevention and control situation is stable, Changchun City morning city, night market is fully open, but the relevant issues reflected by the public have more. The big data of the "12345 hotline" information service platform system shows that the amount of complaints in the three quarters of the road, noise pollution, transportation order, environmental health issues, accounting for the total amount, which is noise pollution and The road is the most prominent. It is necessary to protect people’s livelihood, but also to ensure the order of urban life, which is a topic that requires government functional departments to study solutions. Changchun City Mayor Public Public Online Party Branch’s party members have formed such consensus, quickly writing a report and quickly got the signing of the city leaders.

  This is not a case.

Changchun City "12345 Hotline" plays a big data advantage, passing the municipal leaders and network units to the city leaders and network units through the way of organizing and distribution, expressing public opinion.

For important emergencies, please ask the leadership and signature, and track the supervisor.

In the past five years, the "Mayor Public Telephone Special Report" has been implemented more than 200 times, and more than 300 problems have been resolved in the historical legacy. "More than 20 years of payment and gain, inspiring all party members and cadres have always been worried about the people." Su Zi Li said that the party building strong team, "serving the party’s process," serving the process of the masses, is the process of hammering the party. "