40 Beijing management state-owned enterprises consume more than 200 million

Original title: 40 urban management national enterprises consumption poverty alleviation more than 200 million yuan (Reporter Sun Jie) only 50 yuan after the subsidy, you can buy two large box fresh fruits and vegetables, Beiqi new energy, thousands of employees, buy uncomalable agricultural products 16 tons; set up the staff canteen food committee, specializing in the consumption of the canteen, Beijing Xingtong Company uses 30% of the total amount of agricultural and sideline products in April, and the frozen meat, grain oil in the purchase of poverty alleviation areas. Impact, Beijing received agricultural products One degree of severe disobeys, forming a huge refund to the local area. The Municipal Republic of China is guided by the city’s state-owned enterprises to increase the consumption of poverty alleviation, and increase the purchase efforts from poverty-stricken areas.

Only in the first quarter, 40 municipal management companies have purchased agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas, through the form of food and staff benefits, etc., and timely alleviate the short-term problems of agricultural and sideline products, and help offensive. Baoding Shunping County has just gone poverty alleviation, and the vegetable and fruit transportation during the epidemic, which causes huge refillting pressure to local farmers.

Beiqi Xin Energy initiates employees to help farmers basket guarantees, through the combination of "employees at their own expense + trade union subsidies", providing a disposable vegetable basket for employees to buy a subsidy – employee only cost 50 yuan, you can buy two big boxes Fresh fruits and vegetables, this greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of employees to participate in consumer poverty alleviation.

In just two days, 1521 employees purchased tons of fruit, ton vegetables, and solved the urgent need for local farmers.

  Non-Guangbaqi New Energy, Shounong Food Group, First Tourism Group, and the first group also increased the direct intensity of the recipient in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control situation and market demand. Only the Shounong Food Group, in the supply of agricultural products in poor areas, "solves the problem of unambiguous problems of agricultural products, and also guarantees the supply of the capital market.

"The relevant person in charge of the company said that this is also two things.

  The Golden Group has a total of 5 million yuan, which is used to distribute employee welfare and canteen procurement; Jingneng Group’s enterprises canteen, procure the agricultural and sideline products of 1.46 million poor areas; 34 pairs of poverty poverty in Beijing Electromechanical ( Flag) agricultural and sideline products, consumption reached 1.61 million yuan; Shougang Group docked with Poverty Alleviation Office, purchasing Wanyuan Agricultural and Sideline Products, distributes employee trade union benefits; tap water group, drainage group, Beijing electric control, etc. Agricultural products in poor are more than 10 million yuan … This year, the 90 counties of Beijing have helped the mouth, there have been 88 realities to get rid of the poverty, and there are still in the Xinjiang Hetian area, and the two counties in Lobus have not yet poverty.

The focus of national enterprises and poverty alleviation is also in terms of local special agricultural and sideline products such as tilt, jujube, walnut and raisin, and the source of the poverty, ranging from the deep poverty county. The Beijing Cannot Group purchased by 10,000 yuan, a total of 1.17 million yuan, with poor 32 people; the construction industry also plans to set the purchase of the county million poverty alleviation jujube, expected to reach 650,000 yuan, used in business canteen Raw materials, supermarket supply and trade union staff festival condolences, currently purchased 20,000 pounds, poor with poverty of 32; Jingtou Company also organized all levels of trade unions to actively purchase and Tian jujube used for employee condolences, total amount reached 10,000 yuan.

  "This year will fully carry out poverty alleviation counters into enterprises." Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Republic of China, will open the sales counters of poverty alleviation products in the enterprise cafeteria or office hall, and sell aid area farm products. At present, the city management enterprise is reported to install more than 740. Consumption Poverty Alleviation Love Counter.

At the same time, poverty alleviation products into the national enterprise cafeteria, also clearly requires enterprises to oriented by 30% of agricultural and sideline products accounting for the annual purchase of poverty alleviation in the city of poverty alleviation, encouraging enterprise trade unions to buy poverty alleviation products to issue employee benefits. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).