Bohai Bank – Bohai Bank obtained securities investment fund custody qualification

Bohai News Bohai Bank received the Securities Investment Fund, the Bohai Bank was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

At this point, the number of national managed banks increased to 18. Bohai Bank is the first national shareholding commercial bank approved by the State Council since 1996. It is the first Chinese commercial bank that introduces overseas strategic investors in the establishment phase, with a total registered capital reached 8.5 billion yuan.

Established on December 30, 2005, officially opened in February 2006.

As of June 2010, 11 branches and 31 branches have been established in 10 key cities across the country, and 584 total branches of 264 banks around the world have established agency relations. In the face of the increasingly complex external environment in the past, Bohai Bank conscientiously implemented the scientific development concept, actively explored the transformation of the business model and growth mode of the Bohai Bank, will be "transformed into the year" in 2010, and established "effective Configuring capital and improving profitability is the core transformation idea, actively promoting the "three transformations" and business growth "three transformations", driving management transformation to transform business growth model, and increase the risk assets less The business, the expansion of business and the expansion of the integrated return rate and the expansion of the intermediate business, and strive to improve the profitability and achieve significant results. As of the end of June 2010, the total amount of Bohai Bank’s assets was 174 billion, an increase of 48% from the beginning of the year, and the total liabilities were 164.7 billion yuan, an increase of 47% from the beginning of the year; the balance of the loans was 78.6 billion yuan, the growth% of the year was only in the beginning of the year. The bad loan rate is only %, Various deposits (including peer) balance of 146.6 billion yuan, increased in early year; increased year-on-year increase in the year-on-year increase, the intermediate business and peer business achieved rapid growth, the profit contribution is significantly improved; %, Sufficient capital adequacy rate, better than the supervision index requirements; the net profit of billion yuan after book tax, the year-on-year increase%, profitability, and business development methods gradually to diversified value value-added Growth mode transition. It is reported that the Bohai Bank adopts the industry’s advanced hosting system, has a perfect funding liquidation, accounting, asset valuation, investment supervision, information disclosure, and other application modules.

With the smooth acquisition of the hosted qualification, the Bohai Bank’s asset hosted business will cover: trust plan storage, financial product hosting, open securities investment fund hosting, special account management, industrial investment fund hosting, private equity investment fund hosting Variety.