Shaanxi Fu County Apple "Insurance+Futures" project promotion seminar county was successfully held

Relevant persons in charge of the Shaanxi Branch of the Shaanxi Branch, Zhejiang Business Futures, China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch, Founder Medium Futures, Nanhua Futures, Guohai Liang Period, Jinsai Futures, and Shanghai Jifeng attended the meeting. Specific hosted by the Shaanxi Branch of Foreign Property and Casualty Insurance. From 2019-2021, Zhejiang Business Futures and the Shaanxi Branch of China Marine Insurance have jointly launched the pilot of Apple Insurance+Futures Project for three consecutive years. Over the past three years, a total of 10,000 tons have been underwritten, covering the planting area of ??10,000 acres, and benefiting 7,226 participating farmers, including 1,706 poor households, a total of 10,000 yuan. The pilot effect is significant, which not only helps the participating farmers to effectively avoid price risks, achieve the risk management goals of farmers, and provide important guarantees for the effective connection of the rejuvenation of the same rural rejuvenation for the stable development of the Apple industry in Fuxian, helping to tackle, and consolidating and expanding the results of the results of the tackling.

The prospects and paths of tool integration and development.

Insurance+futures is the reform and innovation of the field. Through the integration of two tools, the insurance company brings together the risks of agricultural business entities and farmers. By purchasing futures or options, the risk is transferred to the futures market. The market enters farmers and directly serves the three farmers.

The successful implementation of Fuxian Apple Insurance+Futures Project provides a strong risk aversion tool for Apple growers, which improves the connection mechanism between corporate operators, Apple growers and insurance and futures markets. Risk is the useful exploration of agriculture and rural areas, and it is also an important measure to promote rural rejuvenation. It is of great significance to accelerate the promotion of green and inclusive reforms. It has established domestic insurance+futures and faces and counties. With the strong support of the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and the Fuxian People’s Government, the Shaanxi Branch of the Shaanxi Branch will cooperate with Zhejiang Commercial Futures and Banks. +New model of futures+credit services, further play the role of serving the development of rural industries, and contribute to accelerating the modernization of agricultural and rural areas and comprehensive revitalization of rural areas. convoy.

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