Burning bergamot chrysanthemum tea in anger

Burning bergamot chrysanthemum tea in anger

Brewing tea with bergamot and chrysanthemum can stretch the liver in the body, and at the same time, it can also remove the stagnation of the liver, and the person with hepatic fire and chest full of suffocation can take it frequently.

  People will inevitably have emotional waves and get angry.

Chinese medicine believes that “the liver is angry with anger”, and anger is closely related to the liver.

People who love to lose their temper are caused by excessive liver fire.

On the fire, it is expected that the water will flow to the lower part. The fire will run up. It will penetrate the liver through the head, and the anger will point to the gas, the fire will push the momentum, and the gas will help the fire. Therefore, when it is angry,Many people will feel a bloody rush, which is why many people will have a blushing neck when they are angry.

  People with liver fires are prone to anger. On the contrary, frequent anger can also hurt the liver. This is what Chinese medicine often says about “angered liver.”

The two are mutually causal and easy to form a vicious circle.

Frequent anger can easily faint.

TV station, we often see: when the characters in the drama encounter some unsatisfactory things or suffer unfair consequences, they often take pictures and violently jump, then slap their chests, and suddenly they fall unconscious, serious meetingSpit blood, then scream.

There is a very classic story in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang Sanqi Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu was mad at three breaths, and spit out blood. After a long sigh of “Sheng Yu, He Shengliang”, he died.

It can be seen that anger can kill people.

  Since the consequences of anger are so serious, you have to find a way to adjust.

It is recommended that you take bergamot chrysanthemum tea.

10 grams of bergamot, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, will be added to the casserole, add the right amount of water in the pot, boil with the fire, pour the soup into the bowl, as a tea drink, you can add some sugar to taste.

If you don’t want to cook it, you can also use the boiled water directly. Of course, the effect is definitely not as good as cooking.

  Chrysanthemum can disperse the wind and clear the heat, calm the liver and improve the eyesight. This must be one, why should we join the bergamot?

Let us first look at the role of the bergamot.

  The bergamot is also called bergamot. It is native to India and dates to China. It is a peculiar shape. When it matures, it is golden in color, clean and full, and looks like the craftsman’s hand-crafted Buddha’s hand. This is called the name.The reason.

“Buddha” and “Fu”, the sound is similar, there is blessing, the meaning of blessing, can bring Fulu auspicious.

Therefore, in ancient times, the bergamot was called a mascot. In the birthday map, it was in the same line as Xiantao.

  Chinese medicine believes that the Buddha’s hand into the liver, spleen, stomach, lung, there is Shugan Jieyu, qi and pain, phlegm and cough, phlegm and heat.

“Herbal Renewal” records that the bergamot can “treat the stomach and relieve the liver, and the stomach and phlegm, break the accumulation, cure the nausea, eliminate the symptoms.”

“Buddha is a commonly used medicine for soothing the liver and qi. It is often used to treat chest pain caused by liver qi stagnation, chest tightness and spleen and stomach stagnation caused by abdominal distension, suffocation, stomach pain, poor appetite.
  We know that the liver likes to stretch softly and hate being suppressed.

Frequent anger and can lead to liver qi stagnation, and will affect the spleen and stomach function, causing poor appetite, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

The bergamot’s role in soothing the liver and relieving qi and strengthening the spleen can solve this problem.

  Cooking bergamot and chrysanthemum tea together can stretch the liver in the body, and at the same time, it can also remove the stagnation heat in the liver. The liver fire is more prosperous and the chest is full of suffocation. It can be taken frequently and the effect is very good.