The war is imminent,Isn’t Qiao Tianyu doing something??It’s so weird!

Qiao Tianyu made this point again,Like Lily“To overcast”Trader,In order to get an accurate analysis of the situation,Her attention must always be on the opponent,To analyze the opponent’s every move and every move!
“Boss,I think let’s just ignore what Qiao Tianyu is going to do,At least once this ad comes out,Many Japanese people can’t stand the temptation of high prices,Who sold gold to Qiao Tianyu!”Sato Junji is too anxious,Hurriedly suggested。
“Qiao Tianyu likes to use the sword,No one can guarantee that he has no trading funds in his hands now。”
“If we let Qiao Tianyu want to buy gold,In case he bought enough gold,Leveled and even surpassed our gold reserves,We won’t even have a place to cry by then,So now we must immediately find a way to stop him from buying gold!”
“Oh?Find a way to stop?Sato,Do you have a good way?”Lily saw that Sato Junji said so confidently,Knowing he must already have an idea。
“Boss,I have a good way to kill two birds with one stone,Don’t know when to speak?”Sato Junji said confidently。
“How to kill two birds with one stone?tell me the story。”Lily asked with interest。
“To stop Qiao Tianyu from buying gold from the Japanese people,The best way is to dredge and block。”Sato Junji explained。
“So-called blocking,Is in Japan**Clearly tell the Japanese people in the name of,500The dollar an ounce to buy gold is not reliable,Call everyone not to sell gold。”
“Our Yamato nation has the strongest execution,As long as Japan**Not let everyone sell gold,I believe most people will not sell,It can indeed block Qiao Tianyu’s acquisition of gold。”
“If it’s on other things,This method is absolutely good,But it’s not a good way。”
“After all, our big Japanese‘Hiding gold in the people’Policy is not public,If Japan**Forcibly intervene in this matter,Very likely to expose this great policy,Let this policy die,My many years of hard work in Japan have been in vain,It’s not worth the loss!”
“Uh uh,Something makes sense。”Lily nodded,“What about that??What does sparse mean?”
First0279chapter Two Qiao Tianyu
“Boss,No matter now we both fight to the death,But tomorrow‘Golden House’The key to victory or defeat in the meeting is gold reserves,Gold is hard currency,to be honest,Whoever has more gold will win tomorrow!”