Speaking of which,Zhu Yande looked around,Proudly:“Because just today,My cousin takes it to the next level,Joined the center。”

This remark,Shocked,Fear on everyone’s face is an expression of disbelief。
If I didn’t know that Zhu Yande would not lie on this matter,Everyone really can’t believe this kind of thing。
Well known,The blood relative of Zhu’s high official,Already a member of a province,High position,If one step further,That’s an extremely human minister,And he is still young in officialdom,In time,Maybe I can really enter the center。By then,The Zhu family is not just a big tyrant in Jincheng,But it has become a national giant。
“Want me to call him?If my cousin knew someone was making trouble at Grandpa’s birthday banquet,Shouldn’t ignore it。”Zhu Yande sneered,I seem to have insight into everything。
In his imagination,Next, these four young people should leave the Zhu Family Shouyan in disgrace.,Don’t dare to be arrogant。
Menglin Group is just a small company,Don’t dare to break the wrist with the official,And these four young people may not really represent the entire Menglin Group,So Zhu Yande is confident,One word determines the universe。
Chapter Eighty Hundred and Fortieth Do whatever you want
Hearing what Zhu Yande said,Most of the guests present felt that the overall situation was settled,The Zhu family has moved out,As long as it is sensible,Should be interesting,Otherwise, the egg hits the stone,Dead by myself。
Besides, these four young people just came here alone,At first glance, it is through the general trend of Menglin Group to suppress people,If it weren’t for Menglin Group’s signature bodyguard,I’m afraid they can’t even leave Zhu’s house。
now,Zhu Xiaoguang’s face is also a little nervous。He knows that the Zhu family has great wealth in Jincheng,But I didn’t expect that the other party was not impulsive,But just moved out of the government official。
The so-called people do not fight with officials,What Lu Menglin has to consider is not just a personal struggle,He also has to think about the entire Menglin Group,Zhu Xiaoguang thinks,If for my own housework,Offended the Korean Central University,Harmful to Menglin Group,Then I will die。
Even Wang Shaoxiao won’t say anything at this meeting,Because he doesn’t know how old the cousin’s official is,So he has no bottom,Everything that has no bottom,Just leave it to Lu Menglin,Fatty Wang doesn’t worry about that!
Chen Jiannan just smiled,Because he knows the details of Menglin Group,I also know the bottom line of Lu Menglin,So he knows,Zhu family is going to be unlucky。
“The so-called enemy is not easy to solve,Today is my grandpa’s birthday again,How about this!I, Zhu Yande, is in charge,Give Menglin Group a face,Today,Zhu Family Don’t Care About It,The previous grievances are also wiped out,The 97th mine,Our Zhu family gave it to you!how do you feel?”