“up to you!”Jian glanced at his watch as he spoke,I found it was more than two in the middle of the night。

Heiwa glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Does Brother Xia have other things at night?,if it is like this,Let’s just go away!I’ll invite you two to dinner when I get the chance”
“Work hard!There are so many opportunities to eat。I’m going back,Fang Fang, let’s take a taxi!Be careful of being caught by others”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Make progress!But you can rest assured,I have always been vigilant in this regard,Won’t let some people succeed”
Xia Jian grabbed the bill,Heiwa and Fang Fang want to bury them,But one step too late。Xia Jian’s action to rush to pay the bill is a must,Don’t even want to grab it,Not his opponent。
Out of the bar,Heiwa called a car for Fang Fang,After Fang Fang got in the car and left,Heiwa said to Xia Jian:“You still persuade Fang Fang when you are free,She’s married too,But it gave me the feeling that she was very careless about her family。I’ve seen them,Also a policeman,Nice”
“Humph!I have very few opportunities to come to Bucheon now,Besides coming,Not necessarily able to see her。Let her taste the taste of life!Sometimes it’s not helpful to be friends”Xia Jian said,Patted Heiwa’s back twice。
Heiwa nodded,Opened the door for Xia Jian。Xia Jianlin said to Heiwa when he got in the car:“You from now on,Need to strengthen exercise。The fists and feet are unfamiliar,Not to mention your current situation is very bad”
“Good brother,I remember,You hurry back!”Heiwa said,Closed the car door for Xia Jian。
Xia Jian starts the car,Rush towards Beishan。This time,The road is empty,A few songs can’t see a car。Xia Jian drove the car,While thinking,Why did Heiwa become like this??
His brother,Makes Xia Jian feel so close。Anyway,When a large entrepreneurial group goes to work,Heiwa has given him much effort,Give full play to the duties of a bodyguard。
People are not sages,Can’t fail。This sentence was said by the ancients a long time ago,He Xia Jian can’t just hold on to his black baby’s pigtail,He has to give him a chance to reform。
The car arrived at the gate of Beishan Old Xiao’s house,Xia Jian was worried,at this time,Everyone might be asleep,He was too embarrassed to call the door,It seems that I have to sleep in the car all night。