Summer is too good to sell the big bow.。

This hard bow is dark,Juyi is taken out,It seems to succeed in the light of the light.。
Its internal flow,The runes on the tires are given life.,That is like。
All people’s eyes are concentrated in the summer,Focus on his hand on his hand。
Never thought,He actually wants to shoot。
“Humph,I don’t know how the sky is thick!”
Mongolian face can’t be hung up,Not angry,Destroy,“I am a very successful basis for only one third.,You a small middle,Unbearable force……”
Summer is not ignorant,Solve big bow into full moon。
have to say,Broken god bow under the continuous transformation of summer,Really special。
this moment,The essence of the eight part is as gather like a tide.,The above the arms of the bow,As if it is infused。
Autonomous absorption essence energy。
The bow is gently trembled,Out of the rain,Let this void are tremble。
咻,Arrow Piu is shot,Gone。
Everyone is very shocked。
They can’t capture the trajectory of arrow feathers,It seems to be annihilated within space。
immediately,Everyone saw the extremely long,A little rice, the cold, the mountain, the wavy。
One gravity field is turned over,Shrouded it,However, that is a little cold to go,Even the gravitated venue was born.。
That a target meteorite,Switch a lot of dust。
Everyone is still a wooden chicken。
Summer does not agree,Bring the big bow,Faint,“Two-thirds of the latter should have no gravitational swirls.,Safe。”
Talk,Everyone suddenly went back to God,But still look at the summer with an incredible gaze。
Tang Fire is couldn’t help but open,“summer,you,How do you arrow so far??”
Summer laughing,Just talk,But I see Mongoliang’s face,Anger,“But it is the power of the releasing tool.,Nothing。”
In his opinion,Summer can shoot to the target meteorite,It is exactly the extraordinary of the big bow,Who can do it?。
Not just him。
The rest of the people are more similar ideas。
Can see,The big bow is too extraordinary in the summer.,It’s simply an incredible point.。
Especially when the bow is pulled,There is a soul in the bow.,Absolutely absorbed the scene of the eight-party spirit。
Everyone is extremely hot,jealous。
They are more determined,Summer and Gogjian’s background is always extraordinary。
Two million hand,One shake hand is a powerway。
This is in their eyes of these mining people,I feel that two people are full of mystery,It is more speculated that the two should be the core disciple of the great forces.。
Old ancient came out and played a round field,“Ha ha,good,Very good,In this way, we don’t need to be around.。”
Toned,Gaze,Raise sound,“Everyone is preparing.,Extremely enhanced God,Ready to force!”
Everyone has moved。