Play learning two mistakes Shaoyang Wusheng Yunshan research practice activities come

People’s Daily Network Changsha October 14 , Fun, attract a large number of students to visit, practice, and learn.

Yunshan Research Practice Education Base is the first integration of Xiang Southwest – study – the characteristic education base, which relies on the good ecological civilization environment, based on the city, school feelings, and set "can be seen. Listening, talking, can be found, experience the new era civilization practice center integrating five functions. It is understood that the center covers an area of ??more than 8,000 square meters, integrated ideological, artistic, and effectiveness, and a four-area area of ??the hall, which is a multimedia publicity department, the 100th anniversary of the party, and the new era new ideological study area. De Shifang Practice Exchange Zone and Youth Safety, Science Education Learning Area, can conduct publicity and education, learning and training, experience exchange, results display, etc. In the process of research activities, the students under the leadership of the Teacher Team and the instructor team, through the experience of the multiculturalism, cognition Yunshan national rare, animals and plants, and the importance of people with nature and natural harmony; Team pontoon, rushing Jin Shajiang and other large expansion activities, enhance teamwork awareness and ability; use Yunshan unique leaves, petals and other materials to make creative plant collages, plant development of handmade products, fully mobilize "five senses" to discover beauty, Feel the beauty and love beauty.

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