Campus and safety accompanied by youth and fire peers BRBR

Huludao City Fire Rescue Detachment is a fire propagandist pointed out that the firefighting team is not just a fire, and there are people’s misconceptions.

In this era of information explosion, the majority of teachers and students can’t make mistakes and messages become the "killer" of fate. Learning the right firefighting basic operation, not only can self-help, but also reduce firefighters in order to rescue people who strain mistakes And even the risk of sacrifice.

Subsequently, the fire propagandists introduced students to the main functions and operational demonstrations of the firefighting volunteer platform, calling on the students to actively participate in the firefighting volunteers, promote fire protection knowledge, find fire hazards, participate in fire culture communication activities.

Finally, the student representative jointly carried out a campus fire safety self-examination activity as with fire prevention supervisors, and took a place to live in their own life, followed by school, with the fire prevention work experience.

The event gathered more than 200 people who love fire protection, and their own young students with dedication. Everyone in the event pays attention to fire protection, learning fire protection knowledge by scanning WeChat, Weibo QR code and fire volunteer platform. Subsequent, the Huludao detachment will deepen the fire volunteer service system, extensively carry out colorful volunteer service activities, stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate in fire safety education, and strive to form a good social atmosphere of all people paying attention to fire safety, build peace and harmonious fire safety. .

(Editor: Yin Baihan, Don Long).