Food: fragrant yuba

Food: fragrant yuba

Although all vegetarian diets are unlikely to reduce people, vegetarian diets a week should not be difficult.

  Trying to eat as much as possible is already the consensus of many health and environmental protection people. When you truly accept a certain concept from the heart, people will consciously act on this basis.

  [Gourmet Culture]: So when more and more people realize the benefits of vegetarianism to the body, vegetarianism promotes low-carbon emissions, and vegetarianism is the care of other life, there are more and more people who choose vegetarian food.

  Of course, many other people can’t put up their desire for meat. It’s not difficult. Try to make some vegetarian dishes that can be compared with the meat taste but better than meat.

  Very tasty vegetarian dishes, the taste is rich, but less oil and low fat.

  Healthy life begins with a week.

  Ingredients: yuba, black fungus, mushrooms, carrots.

  Practice: 1.

The materials other than carrots are soaked in water and foamed.

Soaked materials, washed, yuba cut into sections, shredded mushrooms, black fungus torn small, mushroom water to be used, carrots cut into pieces 3.

Put yuba into boiling water and remove for 4 minutes.

The pot is hot and oily, and the chopped green onion and the mushroom pieces and the yuba segment are stir-fried for a while.

Pour in the mushroom water, soy sauce, some sugar, cover the lid and cook for about seven or eight minutes.

The yuba-flavored mushrooms have become soft, pour the carrots and fungus, continue to rub for two minutes, adjust the sesame oil, and then mix in the appropriate amount of salt according to the taste.