And Lin Yuna,For everything that Lin Yu showed,I know her intentions too well,but,Lin Yuna didn’t care。

Because since she married Xiao Fan,They have suffered ridicule like this more than once,In fact, don’t say it’s someone else,Even Lin Yoona herself,She is not optimistic about this marriage anymore。
Fortunately not happy,Suitable and inappropriate,Only people know。
and so,Lin Yuner smiled at Lin Yu’s provocation at herself,In addition to giving each other a standard smile,There is no more extra action。
Lin Yu didn’t expect,Spend so much effort,To provoke Lin Yoona,Existing in front of Lin Yoona,But in the end, it was exchanged for Lin Yuner’s disapproving smile。
This is how Lin Yu can bear it。
and so,After Lin Yu had a brief total in his heart,Another careful thought,Once again rise from the bottom of Lin Yu’s heart。
Lin Yu deliberately hugged Qiao Ming’s arm,Then, in front of Lin Yoona, facing Qiao Ming, she acted like a baby:
“Dear,You look,We are relatives with their family anyway,And Lin Yoona is my cousin no matter what,Now I see their house like this,I really can’t bear it!”
That’s it for Lin Yu,Raised his head pretendingly,Seeing Qiao Ming with a very pitiful expression。
Qiao Ming looked at Lin Yu like this,I also know that she must not have any good ideas in her heart,But since in everyone’s eyes,Lin Yu is his girlfriend,If this time,If you don’t cooperate well with Lin Yu in this scene,,I’m afraid it will prevent Lin Yu from coming to Taiwan。
and so,Qiao Ming had to sigh,Then asked:“Yuer,Then what do you want to do?”
Lin Yu listened to Qiao Ming’s reply with satisfaction,Once again he looked in the direction of Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner。
And said provocatively:“Yoona,My father said that your husband has been married since,You have always provided him with food and drink,It’s now,He is just a little security guard in your Lin family’s own company。”
“You look,We are also a family anyhow,I won’t look at you so wronged,Looking back, I must ask Qiao Ming to arrange a decent job for Xiao Fan in Qiao’s company.。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Unworthy