“Such a powerful middle god,The strength is completely comparable to the weakest upper gods,It’s weaker than the monster two thousand years ago。”

“really,In the cemetery of the gods for thousands of years,Knowledge is still too short。When can we raise enough god heads,Leave here。”
“And maybe when,I’ll meet the monster like last time,Fall directly。”
“It seems that those trash can’t hold each other,I still have to do it。”
suddenly,Wright felt a slight sense of crisis。Depart from the previous epiphany-like state,Body shape flashes,As if a flame meteor flashed away from the attack of the four great gods。
Did not care about the astonishment of the six middle gods,Wright’s guns slammed upwards,Form two intertwined supernatural powers,And the big khaki hand suddenly appeared in the air。
“boom!”Wright was slapped directly into the ground by this palm,Formed a big pit。
But soon,Wright stood up,Body surface unscathed,Wright merged the divine power of the earth and the divine power of fire just now,Power explosion。The shrinking field will resist the attack to death,With piercing eyes, I saw the blood-robed youth who had just appeared。
“You are the blood god?”
“Not bad,I am。Since I shot,You can die。”The blood god revealed this indifferent tone,Take a shot。
At the same time Wright also stabbed a shot,Blocked this palm!
“what?”The blood god’s face showed consternation,I just faced the six middle gods under my command,This human being can hold on。Can face him a higher god,How it seems to be easier。
Wright naturally used the fusion of two divine powers,The divine power is ten times stronger than before,After all, the blood god is the upper god who refines the godhead,There is no upper artifact,Its strength is not necessarily ten times that of those powerful mid-level gods。
The blood god was taken aback in surprise,But Wright didn’t,Feet on the ground,Right hand grip short grab,Stab forward。
This thorn,Although powerful,But the move position is extremely insidious。