“You can stay, of course, it is fine.?But Zheng Yao first needs to contact you??”

“Yamei will inform me。”
“very good,You have more you feel free.?First protect these Chinese people on the list?I contact the prince police guard。”The ferry is harmoniously tense。
Nanjing defending war has two days to start?Rui Rui has already made people release the devil in advance.,Kill,Grab the message,I can’t see people from Shanghai to Nanjing.,It has also ran in the people in Nanjing City.,But still some don’t believe in evil.,This is inevitable.。
Rui Rui let Qiushan Yadai immediately mobilize her gendarmerian team to implement the traitor on the list.,Because people are not enough,The Fate Bena also sent a Squadron’s gendarmerie。
At 6 o’clock in the afternoon,The special plane of the Xiangyongyan King is landed in Shanghai Airport.。
Special qualification
“Long pool!Dynasty palace, Yan Yan, king, has arrived in Shanghai.,He will meet with Wu Zuo Consuls and Vice President of Rock Cell and some of the garrison generals.,Then share a dinner with them。”
“Where to use a dinner?”Qi Rui,
“Long pool,Prince’s itinerary is top secret,I want Zheng Yao, will not know.。”
“Class long,Why are you so certain?,Walking will inevitably leave traces,Zheng Yao, if you have this, don’t even match the ghosts six this nickname?,Tea long us is best to prevent happening to it.,If the prince is really what happens?,The impact on our front line of the millennium morale!For us, it is not forgiveness.!”
“Long Pool Jun said is really very reasonable.,Prevention,Correct!Regardless of Zheng Yao’s goal is not the prince,We must also do a well-defense work.。”Watanabe is afraid。
“Class long!The six monarchs from the army have also arrived.,Protecting the prince is the responsibility of our special high school,Class long!I personally take people to protect the prince.!”Qiushan Yadi invited。
NS153chapter Start!
This is a good opportunity for generic work.,Qiushan Yadi is self-discourse,Watanabe Xiong said to say:“I am going to call a call.。”
Qi Rui knows that Watanaba Tab is definitely calling Wu Teng Zhixiong,I have said that Shanghai has sneaked into a very powerful killer.,The generals of the shirts, the generals are killed by them.,And now the safety of the prince is the top priority.,So he also participated in the prince’s security mission to the leader.。
Wu Teng Zhixioncheng did not take serious events,Because Shanghai is now occupying the occupation area,What a few killers in your site can rise?,But Watanaba Tabo said the seriousness of this matter,Let him also have some,Finally agreed to let the special class be responsible for the periphery security work。
“Long pool,Yazi,Wuzuo Consuls agrees that we are responsible for the periphery security work,I personally go with you.。”Watanabe Taboo does not want to miss this opportunity to appear,Because in case Zheng Yao, I really want to attack the prince team.,Special qualifications must settle down。
“Fate course,Kings you can know where you can see it.?”Qi Rui,
“Currently unclear,This is the responsible for the dispatch army.。”
“Should not let the princes live in the dispatched army headquarters?”
“That should not,Prince, this is the first time I set foot on our occupation area.,Far East’s largest city Shanghai,I think the prince is very interested in our new territory.。”
“So the length of the length of the prince will live in a hotel?”
“I am just guess this.,After all, the prince’s itinerary is confidential.,And it is directly responsible by the dispatch army command,how!Is it very worried??”
“Of course worry,If the prince is out of order?,The sky must be angry,Although this security is not our main,But sinful,I don’t want to Watanaba。”
“Long Pool Jun said reasoning,We now say that these are useless,Still arrange people to go to the consulate.,The specific trip of the prince may know when it is.。”
Favado has been adjusted in the special collation of all the exquisite skills,Includes six monarchs from the dispatch army,Qi Rui also selected a rifle to follow the team to go to the consulate。
Hongkou Ruixiang
“Four brothers!Special high-class teams opened in the direction of the consulate。”
“According to our investigation,The devil is in the consulate at this moment.,The special team has passed,It seems that I will go anything else.,After all, the devil’s dispatch army is not familiar with the ground.,Notify the old six,Can be ready to act。”Xu Baichuan said,
A building outside the day consulate,Zheng Yao first stopped with a telescope,Shangmilion soldiers surround the consulate。