“In fact, about guiding you to practice this matter,I am not the most suitable candidate。

Trust me,I don’t need an emergency at all.,Basically don’t have three days,Voluntary teach you to send yourself。”
For night words,Some protective somewhat,Just when it is rejecting his excuse。
But these are not a problem,He has already planned three days,He will come again to wrap the night.,See what excuses can I use this time?。
It is http://www.caihlj.cn best to say on the well.,I heard that night is extremely good to this.,It is okay to make this lesson.。
A waste warehouse,A blonde slam is starting crazy, sneeze,Loliti is disliked from Pingzi Station.。
“Don’t you say that fool doesn’t catch a cold??Why is your ballad?,Sure, is it because it is stupid??”
Wear a sportswear in Japan,Wear a pair of flops on your feet,Coatable a pair of sisters,As soon as it is, it is a target of a poisonous tongue.。
“Be sure to be jealous of my handsome face behind it.……
wrong,I am a fool in the world.,And it is a stupid……son。”
The words of Pingzi have not finished,A pair of small flip flops directly on his face。
Chapter 588 Male military internal meeting
The small body of the world directly jumps directly,One flying directly to the flatness self-think of http://www.finnspace.cn handsome face,Then there is a scissors guide,Use the feet dead with the neck of the squatting。
“The feelings of picnic and small Japan are still so good.,White also seems to join them in their games。”
Downtown is envious of the two people who look interactive,Her partner six cars will not play with her like this.,Always look at a look。
“Who is good with this dwarf melon?!”
“Who is good with this bald feelings?!”
Looking at the two people tend to be honest,The boxing west is quickly shouting,They gathered together today,It’s because of a blue dye thing.。
“You are almost the same.,Today is something to discuss with blue dye.,If you want to fight,I can say it completely after I am busy.。”
Speaking of a business,Fangzi also collapsed the expression of the world,Turn around。
Blue dye will appear in the world last night,Some are some unexpected,Also let them do not。
“It’s a pity.,I know the news last night.,I can revenge!”
Aichuan Luo Wulong, a green sportswear,Said the head of the explosion, unfortunately。
Fascio military has eight people,And these people are not the original death captain is the deputy captain.,Thousands of years ago,Be a dead god“Blunt”Test item,Eventually the corpse is defined as a rebellion,Thus fled to the world。
After all, the death of death is the enemy,Pingzi and others have virtual power,Naturally, it is not accepted by Net Lingting.。
After fleeing to the world,Pingzi Zhenzi, they are helping to help Pudao,There is also a hard workout,Successful power is used to use,That is, the so-called“Blunt”!
Asked“Fans”Who is the most hated person?,So it is undoubtedly。
They are all the elites of the corpse,Now it becomes like a mouse.,Can only hide in the world。
And who is overcast,Even close to the edge of death,Will be anger is also quite normal。