Wang Youcai nodded and said to Wu Wu:“So fun,Don’t make trouble,I’ll be back in a while”Wang Youcai finished,Then turned and left。

From313To306Several rooms,When passing through the passage,Wang Youcai met a lot of people。Wang Youcai took a closer look,Did not find any familiar faces。
Beauty International,Is Wang Youcai’s site,So he twisted away with confidence306Room lock。In the box,Chen Feng sitting on the sofa,On his lap sat a very sexy girl。His two horses are choosing songs。
Wang Youcai broke in suddenly,Surprised these three people。Chen Feng’s two horses know Wang Youcai,They immediately surrounded,A fight。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Boss Wang!long time no see,How did you become so productive。It’s not that I disturb you!”Wang Youcai laughed,Push away the two men in front of him,Walked to Chen Feng’s side and sat down。
The girl sitting on Chen Feng’s lap,Hurried to the side,Like a frightened little rabbit。Chen Feng’s face is a bit ugly,But after all, he is someone who has been in the world。
“What do you mean, boss Wang!Are you demolishing my station or have other meanings?I am a straight person,We’d better go straight”Chen Feng said coldly。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Boss Wang!You misunderstood。Although we had a misunderstanding before,But that’s all in the past。We’ve all smiled and hated”Wang Youcai laughed,I took a beer bottle myself,Pour him and Chen Feng each。
“Come!Drank this cup,Everything is past。The future of Pingdu,It depends on us Chen Wang”Wang Youcai said,Raised the glass。
Chen Feng didn’t know what medicine Wang Youcai bought in the gourd,But facing Wang Youcai’s enthusiasm,He can’t refuse。He can only bite the bullet and hold up the glass,Have a drink with Wang Youcai。
Chen Feng’s wine glass just put down,Wang Youcai poured him another glass。Chen Feng is anxious,He said without a smile:“Boss Wang!Just say what you have,Don’t keep me boring”
“Boss Chen,This is yours anymore,How embarrassing to make such a beautiful sister stand。come,Have two drinks with us”Wang Youcai laughed,Beckoned to the girl standing behind Chen Feng。Only then did he see clearly,This girl is only twenty-four or five years old,But it looks really good。
Chen Feng saw what Wang Youcai said,He was too embarrassed to say no,So he smiled at the girl and said:“Qingqing,Come and sit,This is Boss Wang,You know”
Girls who have been in this place,Looks very shy on the surface,But I have my own scale in my heart。Chen Feng said this,The girl named Qingqing took the wine bottle and walked to Wang Youcai’s side,She said softly:“Qingqing King King Boss,Ask Boss Wang to show his face”
“Hey!Boss Wang,Can’t hide this wine!”Chen Feng hesitated when he saw Wang Youcai,Fanning the flames。This is what you really want to drink。
Wang Youcai has been hanging around for a long time,I am also familiar with various routines in the wine market。So he did not rush to serve the cup,But he smiled and asked:“Boss Chen!Miss Qingqing,What is her relationship with you,Drinking can sort out the relationship,Otherwise it will be a mess”
“She is our boss’s girlfriend”Chen Feng’s horse can’t bear it,Just said it casually。
Chen Feng looked embarrassed,Hurriedly scolded:“You two out for me,I want to discuss business with Boss Wang”Chen Feng is afraid that his two horses will talk nonsense,So I sent them out。
Thus,Wang Youcai is relieved。If he drank this glass of wine without asking,If they take turns to toast him,He has no reason to refuse。