South Korea drives the export of weapons by the air show

According to HUONO, October 23, "2021 Seoul International Aviation Aerospace Industry Exhibition" ended, this exhibition exhibited a variety of advanced military equipment, such as invisible fighters, missile intercepting systems and hydrogen-fuel drones, etc. . The exhibition is quite a scale "Seoul International Aerospace Science Industry Exhibition" started in 1996, since 2001, every two years. This exhibition lasted from October 19 to 23.

On the day of the opening ceremony, South Korean President Wen took a domestic fighter FA-50, took off from the Shuilantian Air Force Base, and passed through the Tianan Independent Memorial Hall, Tongtar National Xiangzhong and Longshan War Memorial Hall, and finally arrived at Seoul Airport.

The text is therefore the first Korean President of the South Korea’s domestic fighter in history.

South Korea’s "Daily Daily" said that in the context of the new crown pneumonia, the scale of this exhibition is still the most, attracting 440 enterprises from 28 countries to participate, exhibiting 68 species of 79 air, ground cutting-edge weapons equipment.

The exhibitors increased by 10 in 2019, and the interior exhibition hall expanded from 5%. It is reported that this exhibition includes indoor exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions, demonstration flight and equipment demonstrations, seminars, project negotiations, etc. Among them, the indoor exhibition mainly shows drone, spacecraft, simulator, land and sea weapons and related equipment. Outdoor exhibitions mainly show the latest fighters, transporters, helicopters and civil aircraft, as well as tanks, self-organizers, armored vehicles and other land equipment.

According to the report, in order to attract overseas customers, South Korea’s national defense company LIGNEX1 exhibits a Korean Global Positioning System (KPS), using a large freight drone of hydrogen fuel cells, remote artillery intercepting systems and other military and civil products. South Korea’s National Defense Contractor Hanhua Systems mainly demonstrates laser weapon systems that should be threatened by small aircraft such as drone, and automatic driving and remote control, and perform multi-functional unin-functional vehicles on various tasks on the battlefield.

South Korea NewsWorks website evaluation, Korean Air Force, Army and Hanhua Group, Lignex1 and other Korean military leaders, I hope to show South Korea’s independent defense strength by showing automatic driving vehicles, drones, etc. in line with future battlefield needs, and also reflects South Korea. The future direction of the military industry.

It is said that many reviewers are pointed out that South Korea still hosts the "Seoul International Aviation Aerospace Industry Exhibition" in the background of the epidemic, and by the text in the balance of the domestic fighter to "help out", revealing the following intentions.

Promote the export of military weapons.

Qingyata pointed out that this is that the article will participate in the "Seoul International Aviation Aerospace Industry Exhibition after 4 years", indicating that he is an intention to promote an arm of military products overseas.

In the case of unauthorial economic situation, South Korea holds this exhibition to attract overseas customers to increase foreign exchange income and create jobs.

Show the results of national defense construction. After the text of the special war, after the end of the stage, "building a strong national defense force", the Korean defense budget exceeded 500 trillion won (about 27.31 billion yuan).

The text is in the opening ceremony of this session: "I hope everyone will see the true achievements of the rapid development of Korean defense power." The South Korean Defense Professional Office said on October 20 that the country is developing a strategy to develop a weapon system for obtaining the highest level of the world. The text is proposed, and South Korea should go from the "fast champion" to the "Future Pilot" in the defense industry, and in the early 1930s, it is among the seventh largest aviation in the world.

Questioning the sound of the "Seoul International Aviation Aerospace Industry Exhibition", some media issued a question.

South Korea YTN TV website said that South Korea wants to create a good performance of military aircraft, which requires a lot of overseas technologies and components. In addition, the Korean Air Force "Black Eagle" special flying performance team completes a variety of aircraft demonstration flights in this exhibition, and there is a large noise due to low-altitude flight, and is complained in the surrounding area.

The United States breakthrough defense website said that in the article, there may be activities such as large-scale military exhibitions in the, may intensify the Northeast Asian military competition and have an adverse effect on the improvement of Korean relations.

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