The five departments jointly issued "" 14th Five-Year Plan "Traffic Meteorological Protection Plan"

Xinhua News Agency, November 18th (Reporter Huang Wei) China Meteorological Bureau, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transport, the National Railway Bureau and the National Post Office, "14th Five-Year Plan" Traffic Meteorological Protection Plan, clear to 2025, Five key directions of road, railway, inner river water, sea traffic, multimodal transport, basically form a comprehensive traffic meteorological service pattern of multi-sectoral coordinating, collaborative deployment, collaborative implementation, collaborative guarantee. According to reports, my country’s meteorological disasters have frequently occurred every year due to severe traffic accidents, severe traffic blocking, traffic facilities damage, and adverse effects on people’s lives and property safety and economic and social development. At present, there is still no monitoring ability, monitoring density, etc.

At the same time, the targeting of traffic meteorological services is not strong enough, and inter-departmental cooperation mechanisms remain to be deepened. Planning, will build traffic meteorological precision monitoring system, design traffic meteorological observation network layout program, establish and improve traffic meteorological observation system, enhance traffic meteorological observation equipment security; carry out traffic meteorological disaster risk, investigate bad weather traffic influence, compile traffic Meteorological disaster risk zoning; enhanced influence-based traffic meteorological services supply, development of scene-based traffic meteorological protection services.

The planning is clear, by 2025, focus on road, railway, inland water transport, sea traffic, multimodal transport five key directions, integrated traffic meteorological monitoring station network layout is more optimized, the meteorological monitoring forecast for traffic safety is significantly improved, weather Traffic network planning, design, construction, operational role of all links to effectively exert, multi-sectoral cooperative planning, collaborative deployment, collaborative implementation, and synergistic integrated traffic meteorological service pattern basically.