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Fengtai County is located in the middle of the Huaihe River. The south edge of Huaibei Plain is located at 32 degrees from the north latitude, between 116 degrees to 117 degrees, and the ancient world is coming.Qing Yongzheng is in the eleventh year (AD 1733) County, and the entrance is now.

Fengtai Linhuai River, jurisdictions in the southeast, county in the northwest, 50 kilometers north and south, about 42 kilometers in the north and south, 1100 square kilometers, 4,6100 hectares of cultivated land, 160,000 mu, total population of 730,000.

The main tasks of the government work in 2019 are: 1. Focus on the transformation, dedication to multi-pole support, and create a new style of modern industries.

  Second, focusing on investment, striving for project speed, and strengthening new motivation for economic development.

  Third, focus deepen reform, dedication to the bottleneck crack, and break the new path of endogenous development.

  Fourth, focusing on the domain coordination, dealing with urban and rural areas, building a new situation in balanced development.

  V. Focus on environmental governance, dedication to green development, and cultivate new advantages of ecological civilization.

  Sixth, focus on people’s livelihood guarantees, strive to build sharing, create a happy new life.