Gathering the power of "her" Bayui Tongxinhua Ceremony

  Xinhuanet, Nanning, March 8th (Tudu becomes Gu Yu) In recent years, Guangxi has actively played the role of women’s federation organizations to lead services to contact the majority of women and the masses, keeping up and innovating to break through, and consolidating the development of "her" for development. The quality of the projects such as Bayi Scolius, the happiness and health of Bagui’s family, the warmth of Bagui, and the improvement of the quality of Bagui, and the improvement of the quality of Bagui. The various fields show their skills and strive, and the cause of women in Guangxi has flourished and constantly writes a new chapter. "Sister Gui" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people’s hearts. The innovation theory conveys to the grassroots level, allowing the rural revitalization strategy and civilized family to teach the family style to go near the women’s masses, and carry out more than 80,000 online and offline preaching activities (times) to build the women and the masses listen to the party, feel the party, follow the party, follow the party. The common ideological foundation.

  "Sister Gui" lecture not only promotes the party’s policies and policies, but also actively understands the dynamics of the women and the masses, responds to the concerns of the women’s masses, and enhance the adhesion of the women’s party to contact the women’s masses through face -to -face and heart -minded conversation. The "last mile" of serving the women.

  Recently, the "Sister Gui" lectures established by the Women’s Federation of the Autonomous Region was selected into the list of outstanding teams of the National Cultural, Science and Technology Health "Sanxiangxiang" event in 2021. It is one of the only three teams in Guangxi. Guangxi also played the role of women’s advanced typical demonstration leadership through the establishment of the three eight red flag bearer studios and the volunteer service to serve the Sunshine Station.

The continuous development of the three eight red flag bearers (collective) commendation activities, outstanding successful women entering colleges, volunteer service and other activities, leading 250,000 volunteers in the region to activate the first line of rural and community grassroots, carry out weakness and weakness, legal aid, legal aid,, legal assistance, and legal aid,, legal aid,, legal aid,, legal aid, legal aid, and legal aid,, legal aid, legal aid,, legal aid, legal aid, and legal aid. Volunteer services such as anti -drug prevention and Ai Ai Ai, respect for the old love, and other 20 categories.

  A few days ago, Yang Ning in Guangxi was awarded 2021 National March 8 Red Banner Models, and 10 people including Zhang Qingxiu were rated by the National March 8 Red Banner, and 6 collectives including the "Red Sleevele" Volunteer Service Team, Chengnan Street, Wanxiu District, Wuzhou City. The national 38th red flag collective.

  The quality of the quality drives women to highlight the new as Guangxi’s skill training for rural women, carry out 170 activities of "big campaign" (community) activities for housekeeping training, and train women; Training courses, live broadcast and cargo training courses to provide talent support for rural revitalization; innovate small classrooms for "Sister Gui" to perform their duties to enhance the capability of the Executive Committee of the Women’s Federation; hold a special seminar on the special discussions of the "leading geese" teacher and female leadership cadres of grassroots women. Class and women’s social organization backbone training courses to improve the quality of women’s talents in various fields. Last year, the Women’s Federation of the Autonomous Region created the "Sister Gui Yunshangmei" online mall and offline Guangxi Consumer Assistance Pavilion "Sister Gui Yunshangmei" to help the farmer’s area and promote rural women’s income to increase their income.

At present, the "Sister Gui Yunshangmei" mall brings together nearly 600 good products, and online and offline sales have reached more than 3 million yuan, becoming one of the new ways for Guangxi’s high -quality agricultural products to go out.

  In addition, Guangxi also held the 2021 China-ASEAN Women’s Forum, and signed the "Sisters" "Memorandum of Action Plan for the Belt and Road Action Plan" with 13 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) Women’s Federation, signed the "Guangdong Women’s Federation of Western West Cooperation Agreement with the Guangdong Women’s Federation 》, Women inside and outside the area play a role in the "half of the sky".

  Juyuan’s strong innovation grass -roots governance guarantee "her" Guangxi has solidly carried out family civilization creation actions, family education support actions, family service promotion actions, family research deepening actions, leading, contacting, and serving the majority of families in the region, promoting the formation of patriotism and love New customs of socialist family civilization with love, upward, and shared shared.

In 2021, Guangxi selected 120 "most beautiful families" to guide the majority of families to build a good family and cultivate good family education, and support a good social atmosphere with a good family style.

  Guangxi also established 154 demonstration sites for "environmental protection mothers’ volunteers", and set up more than 6,000 volunteer service teams of "environmental protection mothers"; The theme activities such as "Plan" promoted the co -education of home schools.

  In order to strengthen the protection of women and children in Zhuangxiang, last year, Guangxi Women and Children’s Development Plan (2021-2030) were introduced to further improve and improve the institutional mechanism that promotes the equality of men and women and the comprehensive development of women, and the institutional mechanism that promotes the comprehensive development of children.

  In order to improve the ability and health level of women’s health risks, since 2021, the Women’s Federation of the Autonomous Region Union Insurance Company presented "Two Cancer" insurance for women for thousands of rural and urban subsistence allowances; 10,000 yuan, providing timely and effective rescue for 2158 poor mothers with "two cancers"; launching more than 3,500 activities in village (community) activities for women’s "two cancers" prevention and treatment, benefiting more than 200,000 women. 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Women’s Federation of the Autonomous Region.

Guangxi will carry out the theme educational activities of "Welcome to the Twenty of the Great", continue to polish the brand of "Sister Gui", with the women’s home and the new era civilization practice center as the position. Close to the women and the masses, build a common ideological foundation of unity and gratitude, and show the new achievements of the cause of women and children in Guangxi under the leadership of the party.