Three major psychological issues that international students must recognize

Three major psychological issues that international students must recognize

The term “international student” originated from the cultural exchange between China and Japan during the Tang Dynasty in China. It means Japanese students who still study in China after sending Tang envoys back to China. Now it refers to students who stay abroad to study or study.

  During this time, I have been talking about the topic of studying abroad, the choice of studying abroad, the application for a study visa, and the application for studying abroad. Some friends also asked me if these problems have been solved, so I can rest assured that my children can be resettled abroad.Begin your study abroad career.

In fact, these issues are the hardware conditions for studying abroad, and they are the basic preparations for international students, and there is also a part that parents and students need to recognize and need to adjust, that is, the psychological status of international students.

  I may not feel it at home, unless I think of being a person, I will not feel lonely, but it really is different when I really go abroad. Different language environments, different living backgrounds, and differences in knowledge and cognition, Life habits are different, all of this will affect the emotions of international students, not to mention that parents and friends are not around.

So here I want to remind overseas students that they need to prepare psychologically, to recognize themselves from all aspects, and to adapt to the life of studying abroad.

  First of all, we must understand the differences in the environment. I put this on the first point to tell everyone, because the difference in the environment is one of the keys to causing psychological problems.

I came to the place to study hard, but I started to feel happy because I did n’t understand the habits, I was not used to living together, I was not used to the diet, I was not used to the language, I was not used to the attitude of life.

What is needed at this time is psychological adjustment.

There is an old saying called “come here and come back”, treat everything in life normally, observe with confidence, do n’t resist touching this strange environment from your heart, and learn to appreciate the beauty of the country studying abroad without violating the basic principles.

  Study, residence, this is by no means the entire life of an international student. If there is no contact and no communication, there will be a certain amount of such study abroad life, and you will learn to merge the countries studying abroad.

Every country has its own living habits. This common point definitely exists. At this time, initiative becomes the key.

Don’t think that others are very indifferent. If you think about yourself, you will find that there are still many teachers and students who want to communicate with themselves.

You must learn to integrate yourself into the new environment, be good at expressing yourself, and make your thoughts aware, so that the two parties can communicate and only gradually become interconnected.

  When a person is outside, the biggest thing is independence. Parents are around. Independent life needs to be controlled by oneself and exercise an independent personality.

Solving problems, both in life and in learning, requires direct methods.

The rules and regulations of foreign countries are usually divided into details, and you can find them by reading them.

Generally, there will be a notice of enrollment at the beginning of the school. A civilized conference will be held to guide students in the recent preparation of luggage, medical examinations, etc., so as to help students understand the aspects of study and living in immigration, school registration, police station registration, medical treatment, and bankingThings.

Don’t worry about language barriers. Concise with the teacher, the landlord, and you should make it easier for everyone.

  Second, there should be a balanced mentality. Generally speaking, the mentality of foreign students can be divided into three types, one is active, the other is passive acceptance, and the third is pessimistic.

These situations will have different psychological problems when encountering problems. In the first case, how to meet frustration, it is extremely easy to have a pessimistic mentality because of previous efforts. In the second case, it has been blind and passive.Life, in the end, will be delayed by the physical fatigue of international students; and the last case will have bad results under a stimulus.

  The optimistic and self-confident mentality is always applicable to various situations. During the study abroad career, you can appropriately relax yourself. Friendship is a good way to relax. New friends and new circle of friends will bring different feelings and let everyone share you.Feelings, don’t vent alone, sad and happy things need to be shared.

Learn to travel, record, the food of different countries, beautiful scenery is also a good medicine to change your mood, these will let you discover the beauty of life, and your mind will be peaceful.

  This kind of thinking will appear among international students. If you think that domestic friends and parents are all around, a person’s loneliness will appear, and there will be strange responsibilities to parents and aversion to studying abroad.

What is needed at this time is to be grateful to the parents, understand the parents’ painstaking efforts, and carry out decompression on both sides.

When you have time, you can make a phone call and communicate through the Internet to let parents know their status in a timely manner. They also try to understand their parents’ minds, so that parents can rest assured, be at ease, and readjust themselves.

  Third, to correctly study and study abroad, the most important thing is the student’s studies, and many overseas students also have psychological conditions due to learning problems, which is different from the study situation in their home country.

Foreign teaching is more self-directed. Teachers guide students to learn without telling students comprehensive knowledge. They are more capable of thinking, independent thinking, and independent problem solving.

At this time, you need to adapt to this state of learning and gradually develop your own learning habits.

  A comprehensive understanding of the psychological status of international students, so as to prepare for a safe life, students can also make their study abroad career smoother in understanding and learning.