Xiao Fan nodded,Then Xiao Fan stood up,People who glanced around the meeting room,Then say:“this time,No one can underestimate the enemy,I know you guys are great,The usual tasks are solved beautifully,But this time,Different。”

Everyone said in unison:“understand,We will be more careful。”Xiao Fan nodded,Signal Yiming to continue the meeting。
Yiming stepped forward,Turn on the projector,Take out the prepared computer,Start playing the opponent information this time。The first picture is the man who always wears black。
Yiming looks at the photo,Speak calmly:“this,Codenames,Never show people in their real names,Out of,Out of。”Speaking of which,Pause twice,I looked at Xiao Fan and didn’t respond,Continue to say。
“Out ofMKunlunxu,Go out with the boss。”Finished,Everyone underneath looks at Xiao Fan,It turns out that this time the opponent is the boss’s former brother。
Yiming continues:“The current Kunlun virtual master status,Many disciples,All over the world,This is also the most difficult place for them to deal with,Staff not concentrated,and,Everyone has their own field of expertise。”
Xiao Fan squinted at the person in the photo,All these years,Brother’s temperament remains as usual,Just now,A lot more murderous。
Yiming introduced the important roles behind one after another,Everyone is bored,Because I know the opponent’s strength,Not afraid,I just didn’t expect the other side to be so good。
But no matter how,They are not afraid,because,They are all under Xiao Fan,They haven’t failed,Won’t fail this time。
No matter what the identity of the other party,As long as the boss orders,They will go through fire and water。Because Xiao Fan gave them the ability,Gave them a worry-free life。
Yiming finished,Destroy computer files completely,Everyone is not surprised,From the moment Yiming started introducing,Everyone is writing information in their heads,I’m already completely memorized by now。
Yiming returned to his seat,Xiao Fan pointed to Su Ran,Signal her to speak,Su Ran nodded,Stood up
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Lucky meeting
“Hello everyone,Time is running out,I went straight to the topic,I’m Fan Dechuan’s granddaughter,That’s the old Fan you know,this time,We have two advantages。”Su Ran took out a blade from the bag,OneUplate。
“This blade,The blade that scratched Madam Xiao,My grandpa has checked this blade,This is Kunlun Xu’s hidden weapon,Extremely sharp,And the sapphire flying knife developed by my grandfather is the nemesis of this blade。”Su Ran took out another blade。
Then she putUInsert the disk into the computer,The projection shows the entireACountry map,There are more red dots on it。
“These red dots are where the enemy is,My grandpa is good at organs,entireAcountry,He has all subordinate agencies,of course,This is what the boss meant。”Su Ran glanced at Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan nodded to her。
Everyone print the map in your mind,Many people wonder why these people have such a good memory,In fact, they have all received a lot of training on memory,This does not include the talented Shen Lin and Su Ran。