“You all go to die!”Jiang Qi is angry,Triggered the trigger。

boom!The bullet penetrated Chen Jiannan’s shoulder,huge
The big impact knocked him to the ground。
The two soldiers watching this scene,Are silent,Don’t know what’s thinking。
Maybe they will also feel,They have had such brothers,Unfortunately, after joining the ranks of secret medicine warriors,I won’t have this emotion again。
“Is anyone here?”at this time,A clear voice suddenly came from the door of the box。
Hear this voice,Chen Jiannan’s expression was in a trance for a moment,There was a wry smile on his face。
He feels that he must be back,There was an auditory hallucination。
Man will die,Turns out there will be things that I can’t forget!
Click!There was a turning sound from the lock of the box door。
Jiang Qi was taken aback for a moment,It’s like seeing a ghost,Cold hair standing upright,A pair of eyes stared at the door blankly,Like a devil。
Because he also heard the familiar voice,It’s that person’s voice!
Is he back?Why does it happen at this time?Is he a man or a ghost??
boom!The private room door was opened,Two figures appeared in front of everyone。
“you,Really you!”Jiang Qizhi’s eyes rounded all at once,Exclaimed。
This moment,He felt that all the accidents and coincidences in the world were nothing more than this,that person,Really appeared!
Appeared at the door,It’s the Lu Menglin that they are thinking of,And the one who accompanies Lu Menglin,It is Liu Niu’er, a great warlord from the Golden Triangle。
After the two took a boat from the Golden Triangle to Hong Kong Island,Go straight to Legendary Pictures。
Lu Menglin learned that Jiang Qizhi was in power,Occupied his own industry,Tactics,Got his place from Jiang Qizhi’s cronies,Just rushed here。