Indulge in the joy of victory。

“Let’s go!Take you to buy shoes!”Lu Menglin stood up,Smiles apologetically at the players around,Said。
“buy shoes?Just rely on these?”Kim So Yeon doesn’t understand,Although there are dozens of game coins,But if you change it to Korean won,Probably not enough to buy a pair of designer shoes!
Lu Menglin seemed to see the doubt in her eyes,Took her to a game console in the corner of the game city。
This game console is not a fighting game,But a claw machine,Except for the plush dolls in the machine window,There are also some pairs of slippers worn by girls。
Those slippers are a pair of new shoes connected with tape,Red,There is green,The style looks very simple,It looks ugly in Kim So Yeon’s eyes。
but,For barefoot girls,Even a pair of such ugly slippers,It’s a very cute existence right now!
“Do you want to try?”Lu Menglin invested two coins into the machine,Said to Kim So Yeon。
“what?I,Can i too?I have never played this!”Kim So Yeon is a little nervous,Said quickly。
“sure!Anyway, we still have a lot of coins!Moreover,Don’t we already have friends here??If the currency is not enough,They will lend us!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Korean fat guy next to,There are also players who are curious about the men and women nodded,And gave him an encouraging look。
“it is good!I’ll start!”Kim So Yeon holds the rocker with both hands,Shake gently,Manipulating machine claws,Struggling to grab his little shoes。
“what!Failed!”The girl annoyed。
“what?Just a little bit,Damn!Just a little bit short!”The girl shouted excitedly。
“this time,This time definitely!I feel it!”The golden girl threw her powder fist excitedly。
“hateful!This machine is a lie, right!It can’t be clipped at all!”Kim So Yeon frowned,That pouting expression,Make the boys around you amazed。