Zhou Jixi didn’t know how to wait for the parents who went to and the White River and the painful old man explained.。

Clinical manifestations of viral myocarditis depend on the degree and part of the lesion,Slight patients can have no symptoms,And severe patients can appear on cardiogenic shock,Sudden death。
It is really dangerous in Baihe Bochings.!
Most patients have onset13Front drive symptoms of viral infections,Sufficient heat、Mania tired and muscle soreness,Have disgusting、Vomiting and other digestive tract symptoms。
You can have chest pain、Palpitate、Difficulty breathing、Edema,Even syncope、sudden death。
Most viral myocarditis patients will have arrhythmia,Will talk about chest tightness、Palpitations, etc.,A small number of digestive tract symptoms,Or simply no symptom,Until finally suddenly,sudden death。
Zhou Ye wants to have a long time to confuse him,I didn’t hear what dry and humidity,And his symptoms are too difficult.。
This kind of thing is on your own,It can really be said that it is quite unlucky.。
The heart murmur of the White River is even today.
24hNot,It’s so fast about it.?
Zhou Ye is confused in disquestation to see Xu Xiangtian,Xu Xiang Tian shakes his head:“Low probability event,Fortunately, we found it early.,OtherwiseGG。”
“Is the ECG pull??”Zhou Ye has reacted。
Xu Xiangtian point:“The electrocardiogram is already on the road.。”
If you read the blood routine and myocardial label today?,Zhou Ye, I didn’t consider the cause of heart and lung.,Digestive tract symptoms caused by viral myocarditis,Because Baihe said no chest tightness、Chest pain、Difficulties of breathing, etc.
This truth is too ugly.。
But don’t say that Zhou Ye is,Even if Xu Xiangtian encounters this kind of thing, it is estimated that。
“Fortunately。”Zhou Ye。
Fortunately, I found it early.。
Just when the electrocardiogram has not been sent yet.,The vital signs of the White River showed fluctuations in terror。
“I have a very fast blood pressure.。”Zhou Ye shouted。
White River is like this zombie, it is generally lying lying in the rescue bed.,Null。
The expression is slightly sad and painful。
At this time, ECG monitoring has also appeared.,Very heart rate!It’s going to stop.!
Zhou Ye:“rescue!rescue!Adrenaline preparation!Preparation of tracheal intubation!Come to startCRPNS。”
When he finished, he did a heart and lung recovery.。
The medical staff is crowded around the white river.,Turn flow to his chest pressure,Has been inserted,Pick up the ventilator,Next to a messy defibrillator
Come over for a while,Push up2The blood pressure of the adrenaline white river has improved。
At this time, ECG monitoring is fast into a straight line.,If you stop pressing,That is dead, no doubt。
Fortunately, perseverance, heart-lung recovery, let the white river come over,ECG monitoring is normal!
“What is the story of the really Mother?,This patient。”Xu Xiang Tianshi is panting。
Zhou Yewu is also tired and passionate。
The family of Baihe, who is far away, watching the doctor, shouting,The heart is also happy,I want to rush it in.。
But it was stopped by the security personnel.!
“Successful rescue,Feel your heart medicine,This guy,Oh shit,Still let the introduction of the internal medicine giant,I am so afraid that he will come again to three hundred and sixty degrees.。”Zhou Ye Dynors into the cardiac consultation phone,Some helpless。
This malic disease,Still need to have a better handset expert?。
The phone is directly contacted the crown teacher who knows the previous cardiac.。
“What situation,Emergency?Xiao Wu,Have you had a cold recently??How to suddenly viral myocarditis。”The head of the phone is also surprised.。
Sudden viral myocarditis