Search from three places to share the rural village to revitalize "Happy Tree"

"The nation must revitalize, the country must revitalize." The process of rural revitalization is just a growing saplus, to have a prosperous, nutrition, and supervision, in place and sufficient, carefully cultivate, fertile fertilization, share the village to revitalize "Happy Tree", National rejuvenation brought boosting machine.

Taking learning education as a starting point, grasp the source of thought, and deeply tie the rural resolution "The Root". "Ask the elderly, you must solidly; you want to flow far, it will be the source of the source." The people’s mind of the party members and cadres are the power source of the practice, and their thoughts determine the strength of the source. " Therefore, it is necessary to make the party members and cadres in the country construction. First, we must start from the depths of the ideas, and the normalization of the revitalization of rural revitalization, deepen learning education, such as the tricks and thin flows into the river, in order to step by step, water drop stone wear The way the party members and cadres are revitalizing the countryside, which is not only sowing the seeds of rural revitalization, but also carefully irrigated, and cares for the roots of thought. Take the top design as the focus, deep cultivation of the team, and transport the revitalities of the country. Country revitalization, talent first.

There is a rural work talents that have "can win" and "can fight hard", is steadily revitalizing the country, constantly consolidating the prerequisites of the extraordinary results of the poverty, in the process of building a strong rural resulted talent team, leading the team and The "leading geese" of the cadre team can not be ignored. If the team will understand the agriculture, the atmosphere of love of the rural areas must be placed in the field of rural development, and the talents who have skills attract the agricultural rural construction. Come, and active Shi Shi will attract foreign talents and cultivate local talents and double managers, and maximize the construction of the trust of the universities, and build a rural village to revitalize "The Commerce".

Taking organizational system as channels, focus management efficiency, textured rural resolution "Internet of Things". It is not enough to get rid of the poverty, and it is not enough to be stable enough. If the rural resurgence industry is booming, we must continue to optimize the organizational chain, deepen the rural governance measures, and improve the talent subsidies in remote areas. Talents attracted rural governance, formulate a rural talents to introduce policies, broaden talents development channels, retain talents, and make a means to resolutely maintain the poverty reduction, prevent re-return, actively try new methods, new channels, and revitalize the country Combining modern Internet, vigorously drive the whole village to participate in rural governance and consciously ask rural governance.

Through multi-level, multi-way, focus on improving treatment performance, and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages. (Source: Jiading District Malu Town Zhu Xiaoting) (Editor: Mu Yifan, Han Qing) Sharing Let more people see.