Dance "Key", is you get?

People’s Network Beijing August 21st (Wei Yan) On August 20th, Zhou Li Jia, Han Zhen, directed, the Forbidden City Museum, China Oriental Perform Arts Group Co., Ltd., People’s Network Co., Ltd., Domain and Mei Culture Development Co., Ltd. The dance poetry "only this green" – dance "Qianli Jiangshan Map" completed "first show" in the National Grand Theater, and on August 21, on August 22nd continued to stage.

After the first time, many viewers are still unfinished, and more than the audience who did not view the performances were expected.

Why do you want to wave at the stage? What kind of role is the green green in the play? "How can I" cross the drama "? In order to let everyone have seen, or the "exhibition person" that is about to enter the theater, understand this unique work, the people’s network invites the screenwriter Xu Yuli to "strictly focus", so that everyone can be "exhibited" Best to experience the charm of "only this green".

People’s Network: As a screenwriter "only this green", can you share the creation of this drama? Xu Yu Rui: When I originally decided to do this theme, I and Zhou Li Asia, Han Zhen two-person guidance thought to pay tribute to traditional culture with this work.

I think that the dance and drama, the opera is different, there is no line, and there is natural contact with the painting art of the text, and the body language of the dance can show a beautiful artistic conception. And we have chosen "Miles Mountain Mountain" in numerous works because the blue-green mountain water of this painting is really charming.

However, there is no one in the "Miles Mountain Mountain", how can I find a story, impress the audience? As a result, we have thought of all the processes required to complete this painting, such as paper, pen, pigment, and production of these tools, also contain many traditional processes. We want to pay tribute to traditional culture, who is the specific pay tribute? It is these hand-made artists who have developed silently for traditional cultures. It can be said that when we start "playing the foundation" from the script, we clarified this, and therefore, it has chosen the form of "Dance Poetry". In the literary logic, it also uses more China to express emotion.

People’s Network: Why will I use time and space interleaved narrative structure? Xu Yu Rui: We didn’t set "Only this green" into "crossing drama" at first. During the process of script creation, we have envisioned that let Ximeng walk into these handcuffs, but such scripts seem to have lacked something. I am thinking, today we have a similar experience with them? Is it true that I have dumped my own enthusiasm for one thing? Just like a teacher in many palace museums, for the protection of traditional culture and the inheritance.

Therefore, the form of the ancient and modern dialogue that the script ended, let the current "we" communication with the millennium, is to answer these questions, express the best perspective of this drama.

People’s Daily Net: "Only this green" is divided into a show, ask, sing, patrio, habit, quench, and seven chapters, what is the purpose? Xu Yu Rui: It is easy to see from the surface, these parts are set in accordance with the formation logic of "Miles Mountain Map", including woven, grindstone, pen, ink, etc. Even the color used on the stage is also from light until a thick weight, and finally formed green color.

I believe that there are also many viewers noted that our drama is not so strong conflict, so the layout of the chapter also implies the inner logic of Hummell and the exclusive people, completing their emotional closed loop.

For example, "ask", in fact, the exhibition person "Ask" Hi Meng, "Miles Mountain Map" has so many questions and stunned, why don’t you have your name? Of course, the objective answer to this problem may be that the Song Dynasty is not popular.

But we are more willing to believe this is a beautiful legend. After the completion of the painting, I took the initiative to reject my own name on the work, in his eyes, "this painting and the alliance of the world, but Seeing green and green, so we saw that he waved, and the print was also disappeared.

Such settings are more in line with the temperament of traditional Chinese literati. People’s Network: If you refer to the colorful logic of painting, the full drama is built, why is the character of "green green" debut early in the play early? Xu Yuru: When we read an ancient poetry, we often mention the concept of image. Green, is the image of our dance poetry. Our Wenbo Consultant, the Palace Museum’s Painting and Calligraphy Department studied Wang Zhongxu once shared his experience – once when giving photos of "Miles Mountain Mountain", he found that the green pigment under the dark light, will send a gemstone The rays, this made him very emotion.

Inspired by this, we will think that the discounted people think about it, lead him into the spiritual world of Hi Meng, should not be green? Therefore, the image of the green and green is in the entire story. People’s Network: Why is "only this green" plot slightly plain? Xu Yuru: In fact, we can see from ancient poetry songs. At that time, the literati’s inquiry has emphasized "poetic", pursuing self-emotional expression, and has always written plots in the work. At the beginning, we wanted to pay tribute to traditional culture. Therefore, in the part of "Only this green" storyline, we emphasize the inner logic of the characters, let the development of the story follow the emotions of the characters, and the drama conflict is indeed relatively comparable Rare. Of course, we can also fully have a history of respected history, such as Hometown, such as his growth process, or his emotional world, these are not difficult for creators. But we ask yourself, really have to repeat this practice? Everyone’s answer is negative.

So, we finally chose the difficulty, challenged myself.

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