“Calculate by time,This should be。”Mr. Anji nodded and said。

“What’s your boss’s name?”Qiao Tianyu asked excitedly。
“Qiao Shiyu。”
When I heard Qiao Shiyu’s name,Qiao Tianyu was about to pass out excitedly。
In Qiaojiapu,“world”Zi generation is Qiao Tianyu’s grandfather。
And by age,Qiao Shiyu is indeed Qiao Tianyu’s grandfather。
It is clear,“Qiao Shiyu”It should be sorted by Qiao’s character。
Plus the willow branches in the wine cellar,That’s a traditional game that is only circulated in the area of Qiaojiapu,Outsiders can’t know。
All the evidence points to a fact without a doubt,Qiao Shiyu is Qiao’s family!
Oh my god!
Qiao Tianyu felt that he was so close to the truth for the first time!
He is very sure that he will soon reveal the secret left by the old patriarch!
In this way,I didn’t say anything to say。
Since it’s Qiao’s family,Qiao Tianyu helping Qiao Shiyu is also helping himself,Is there any reason not to do your best?
“alright,I’ll take care of this。”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously。
“Mr. Angie,Could you please prepare a copy of all the equity information of Merck Automotive Group,I want to take away。”
“I’m ready。”