Gatekeeper,Scavenger,Killer League,These three elements, Qin Feng and others know,So this aspect cannot be fake。

As for the latter ones?Qin Feng never heard of it。
“Which side do you belong to?”
Jiang Chao asked。
It’s not just Jiang Chao at this time,Basically all members of Tamron have widened eyes and even breathed slightly。
They have to listen clearly,If this person is really a member of the spider,So even if their Tamron Club has done a great job,It is possible to get a lot of budget in the future,Only then can the department be expanded,Even recruited some strong people in the door。
Watching everyone gearing up,Fang Kai was even more depressed when he looked eager to try。
these people,Can really represent the official power?How do you feel that they don’t look like business people at all?
“I am one of the members,Responsible for money laundering or transferring funds to each other。Equivalent to the accounting of the company department。”
Fang Kai sighed,Didn’t want to hide,“I’m just a small person,Don’t know much,Even some confidential incidents are not eligible to contact。”
“anything else?that is all?”Qin Feng is dissatisfied,The sound is somewhat repulsive。
“What else?Organizationally, I’m afraid that I’ll get caught up in a single person,Besides,I am the only fortune ambassador in Jiangbei,I still know this very well。”
Halfway through?
Qin Feng stood up directly,The appearance of going over and beating someone。
“do not,I said.”