Fuld means vowing to never give up unless he achieves his goal。

“Haha,Joining Lehman,Let’s talk about it later。”Qiao Tianyu smiled。
“But this time I can make Lehman a fortune,At the very least, it can recover the last loss on Jonathan Copper’s stock!”
“Really?”An incredible expression on Fuld’s face,“you need to know,On Jonathan Copper stock,Lehman lost 700 million US dollars!”
“You just wait to collect the money!”Qiao Tianyu showed a confident smile on his face。
So-called unprofitable,With Qiao Tianyu’s guarantee,Fuld is also coming,He quickly arranged for someone to call“Hawkeye”system data。
But the news that came back was,There is too much data,Three printers print non-stop,At least one day and one night。
Heard so much data,Qiao Tianyu was shocked in a cold sweat。
Isn’t this exactly twenty years later,Popular around the world“Big Data”Well!
No wonder Fuld’s financial innovation can lead Wall Street for more than a decade,It seems that his thinking is indeed too advanced!
Since I can’t get all the data for a while,Qiao Tianyu left the address of the Zero Fund,Fuld promised to wait for all the data to be printed,Send someone to Zero Fund。
Qiao Tianyu then got up and left,And his next stop,Is the home of Zero Fund—Alpha Corporation。
Since the independent operation of Zero Fund,Alpha Company has resumed its former inactivity,The whole company is lifeless,No vitality。
In fact, Alpha was originally the money laundering tool of the boss Sanchez,I didn’t expect it to make money。