That name“Broken city”Tucheng,If you talk about defensive,Simply weak burst,Look at the vision of Wei Xiaoxuan,This is definitely a big coffin prepared for the army.。

But there is a premise,Zhou State has enough troops,Will this city mad。
Gao Biyi is to see the strikes of Zhou Guoka.,Is to bully the soldiers,Put a city to your door,Let you see can’t get。
Between the two cities,Originally has a big river,Named“汾 河”,It is the natural trench of Yushu City。but,The Weihe River has been dug in the morning.,There is only a bare“moat”。
The inside is all rotten mud。
Um,This situation,For Qi Jun,Not good things。Because of the sludge of the river,If there is no longevity,But the river water suddenly becomes the formation,Then these mud will be unusually soft。
An adult stepped down,I can’t do it, I will go straight into the mud.,Can’t get together。This situation,How do you fight??
but,Although there is no way now,Even more difficult than the river,It is very disadvantageous to Qi Jun。but,Wait until the weather will continue to cool,The situation will have a fundamental change。
Those silt,Under cold,Be able to become“frozen soil”,Unusually hard。Don’t talk about it.,The run of Saxi is a little meaning!
that time,The first line of defense is proud of Yuxi City,It has become a history。Um,After this change of the Weihe,It is very likely that it will come back.。Because Gao Biyi uses the water-proof pouring water。
Instead of simply rude, the river embankment is。
So when the river embankment in the new river is being reinforced,There is no jade.。In fact,After the history of Sui Dynasty,Yusheng City disappeared in people’s vision,Later, no matter the chaos,Still,Have a silent。
Instead, it is still in ancient books from time to time.,If there is a hidden。
“Gao Boyi’s plan,Just after the winter。And now is the surrounding environment and soil,To prevent them to get sick。”
Top of the city,Wei Xiaidu supports women’s wall,Laughing in the Xin Dynasty:“Guess this Gaowuo,How to get jade?”
“Relying on a bunch of people?”
Xin Daoxian asked。
Wei Xiaothi shakes the head:“Not a bunch of life,But with us time!Zhou Guo consumes,We can’t consume。”
Wei Xiaoxuan is helplessly said。
“Core food in the city,A year,Water in the water well,Will not do it in a time,More governor。”
Xin Dao interested heart comfort,But the heart is still unfortunate。If Gao Bao is really a brainless,So the main will,It will not be him!
“you know,Army in winter,What is the most needed??”
Wei Xia width stared at the yellow sludge in the distance。
“Do not,Hot water。”
Wei Xia width sighs:“Water is not clean,I can drink it。but,Winter,Water must be frozen,How do you drink water??”
He asked the problem of Xin Dechang a torture soul.。
How do you drink water in your winter?!
Even if water does not reflate,A pot of cool water into the belly,You can also have half a small life.,Here is not Jiangnan.!
“Dudor is said,As long as Gao Bo is trapped,Don’t let us go out to cut wood,Right?”
The devil is in the details,Yusheng City is still the Yusheng City,But the city before I hit Luoyang defeated Luoyang.,Now 玉 璧,Still there is a matter of not obvious,Amky is quite fatal change。
Even people like Xin Dao have ignored,Sufficient,Many people have never thought about this。
Winter in the winter,It’s a small amount of Leihai,Burn“Charcoal”,That is, coal。
Charcoal has been using it very early before,A small piece can burn a long time。Winter year,Although I am confronted with the army,But there is nothing to worry about drinking hot water.。
Because that time,Hedong is half of Zhou Guo,Yusheng City,there is“Strategic depth”of。nearby,There is a carbon charcoal workshop,Can collect open-air carbonifer。