Menghai faintly open,Thought in your mind。

in plan,He couldn’t insert it in,Changes that have occurred before,Also let him change the idea。
Whether summer or Thunder,Must die!
“Ha ha ha ha。”
At this time,Just now, the mysterious man finally stood straight.,Alert,Summer stare,“puppy,Now give me a beggar now!”
Surrounded by bodyguards,And those gunmen are dignified,As long as there is a variety of animals in the summer,They will not hesitate to shoot。
In the red eyes, the unforgettable hatred,Mercenary who opened the previous hand,“Interrupt his legs。”
The mercenary brow wrinkled,Commence,Faint,“You are very fortunate,Also very lucky,No continues to do with me,if not,The current limbs have been cut off。”
A voice came。
Talking is not summer,Instead, it is from the gate.。
Heard this sound,Everyone is all,Read down。
With footsteps,Outside the door to nine body-shaped big men。
They all are all colors,Wearing a black battle tight vest,Everyone’s wrist,Credit a devil’s head of the tattoo。
Let people look,All are cold and chestnut。
and,Everyone’s figure is extremely,The breath of violently。
Besides,On their waist,Don’t take a dark steel tube similar to sticks,Just in the steel pipe,Similar to a sharp flapper。
Strange tattoo,Strange weapon,Not awkward……Almost instant,Surrounding atmosphere is quiet。
Next moment,All semi-concentrated in the forefront。
He is about 30 years old,Face profile, such as a knife, chisel,Wallet,Tiger,Walk between,Wait a gas stream,It’s like a mountain peak.,It’s too intuitive to people’s compression.。
“stop!who are you……”
Menghai face change,Exactly,However,Come into the first big Chinese,Immediately let his face pale。
I don’t know if it is an illusion.,Just now,Menghai feels that it is like an invisible huge peak in the chest.,Even breathing is suffocating。
Da da da。
Not just him。
Surrounded by bodyguards。
They collectively walk,The sound is abnormal,With a certain rhythm。
The entire courtyard is an incredible momentum,Everyone who depresses can’t breathe。
This has exceeded the category of those bodyguards。
Because this momentum is practical,Crouch in the heart of everyone。
Da da da……
Each step,The noodles of the seven flying mercenaries around the season will be done a few points.,And this dignity has become a doubtful。