The new date of the Chengdu Universiade is determined

  Date: June 26, 2022 to July 7, the International University of Education announced on May 15, June 15, 2022, announced by the International Universiade, China Mandarin, Chengdu Universiade Organizing Committee to confirm, Chengdu’s 31st world College student summer sports will be held from June 26 to 7 July 2022. In April this year, the official website of Chengdu Universiade announced the news of the 31st World College Student Summer Sports in Chengdu.

According to the news, internationally announced, considering the current global epidemic situation, international travel restrictions and other factors, the 31st World College Summer Summer Sports Association held in Chengdu in Sichuan this year will be extended to 2022, the specific date is related The parties will be agreed.

The name of the sports meeting "The 31st World University Summer Summer Summer Sports in Chengdu" and the sign will remain unchanged. This decision is the internationally larger, China Master Association, the Commonwealth of Chengdu Universiade, is intended to protect all the relevant personnel and the safety and health of all relevant personnel including athletes. (Reporter Xiao Ying Pei Xian).