Relying on learning to go to the future (the people’s point of view)

Original title: Relying on learning to move towards the future (people’s point of view), try to master scientific thinking, knowledge and experience, and promote our party to constantly inspect the trend of the times, and to follow the trend of history, promote our party constant through the wind and rain, develop strong universities to use, Promoting, learning is long, learning results can better translate into work skills, ideas, and become a powerful power to promote the development of party and national business to the revolutionary museum to visit and learn, listen to the model of the era, and carry out "I have to do it for the masses" Practice activities … Currently, party history learning education is working hard, the majority of party members learn party history, understanding ideas, do practical things, opening new bureaus, and transformation of learning results into real work results.

The Communist Party of China is a party that pays attention to learning and is good at learning.

General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly pointed out: "The Chinese Communists rely on learning to come to today, and it must also rely on learning to go to the future." Review the process of struggle, from proposing "to turn the whole party into a university", to emphasize "must learn to learn I don’t understand, "From call" good at learning, be good at re-learning ", to demand" must be happy to learn, learn, learn, and then learn ", our party has always learned to improve the skills, adapt to change, master the initiative, and create A new situation in the development of career.

Our party has always attached importance to the study of the whole party, especially leading cadres, which is a successful experience in promoting the development of the party and the people’s career.

In each major turning time, in the face of new tasks, our party always calls on the entire party comrades to strengthen learning; and each such learning boom can promote the development of the party and the people’s career.

On the eve of the founding of New China, our party strengthened the study of economic work and promoting production and construction. He resumed the economy, stabilizing the economy after entering the city; In the swimming in the swimming, the development of China has developed a broader space for China. Work hard to master scientific ideas, knowledge and experience, and promote our party to constantly inspect the trend of the times, comply with historical trends, and promote our party constantly crossing the wind and rain, developing. In order to learn, it is inherently practiced.

Our party knows that the purpose of learning is to use and use it more important to learn. Learn the basic principle of Marxism, learn Marxism China’s latest achievements, grasp the right direction; learn all aspects of politics, economic, culture, become a handshake; learn "four history", learn from history … we The party has always pays attention to the promotion of the theory to contact the actual work style, in the middle school, doing in learning.

Learn, to promote school, learning, learning results, can better translate into work skills, ideas, and become a powerful driving force to promote the development of party and national undertakings. Theoretical innovation is further further, and the theoretical arms must follow further. From the establishment of party schools, cadres and various cadres training institutions, to the central group study, special research, situation policy education, etc., our party has continuously broadening the learning of the eye, optimizing learning methods, and establishing a set of promotion, Guarantee the long-term mechanism of learning. Relying on the grassroots party organization, facing all party members, using daily learning carriers and education methods, promoting theory of normalization of theoretical learning, and we can effectively fall into the implementation of the theoretical armed tasks.

At the historical intersection point of "two hundred years", the great revival of the Chinese nation is before, the future is bright.

Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and pioneen in the new journey, urgently need us to continuously enhance the skills. In today’s era, the knowledge update cycle is shortened, all kinds of new knowledge, new situations, new things have emerged, and we need to optimize knowledge structure. It can be seen that the task we study today is not light, but he is heavier. How to deal with the new problems encountered in the world’s 100-year-old change, the key is to pay forward attention to learning, good at learning, comprehensive system learning, in-depth thinking, contact the actual learning, to the book, To practice, learn from the masses, and then overcome the panic and master the development take the initiative.

At the Xiangshan Revolution Memorial, a set of cadres who published in 1949 will read the book, which is a learning reading of our party before the "Going to Beijing". "Take the test" is still not ending, and learning still needs to continue.

Advocating learning, strengthening learning, we must win the initiative, win the advantage, win the future, create a new era of era in the new journey. "People’s Daily" (June 05, 202, June 05) (Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).