China Hi-eng Group: Construction of high-quality people’s livelihood project

Since this year, China’s 17th Yeard Group has never been forgotten to be aware of the mission of the people, keeping a dutiful mission to build a boutique project, and earnestly do practical things for the masses. In the construction of people’s livelihood projects, the company has overcome the tight time, the task and the extremely bad weather, and the epidemic situation, etc. Coordination of coordination, orderly promotion of construction progress. The 17th smelting of "high-efficiency and rigorous, fine pragmatic" enterprises, solid promoting project construction and management. The total construction area of ??the second phase of the urban garden in Anhui Province is about 250,000 square meters, including residential, community health stations, kindergartens, old-age activities and other life infrastructure, project work, heavy tasks.

At the beginning of the work, the company quickly organized the professional team, organized construction, unity and cooperation, venue, road hardening, on-site closure, etc., only 40 days of successful completion. During the construction of the project, the project is close to the residential community and primary school, in order to avoid environmental pollution, traffic congestion, noise, etc., the project department communicates with local government departments, actively responding to social concerns, adopting multiple protection measures, obtaining The thumbs up nearby residents. Under the unremitting efforts of all employees of the project, only 73 days will complete the first building cap. The company will timely adjust the progress plan according to the weather conditions in the construction process, refine the annual construction plan into monthly plan, week plan, and according to the plan assessment, through optimization process, night overtime and other efforts. The second phase of the city garden has experienced the high test of typhoon, heavy rain, and epidemic, completed a number of major nodes in advance, and has been approved by the owners many times.

Lean refinement strict controls control safety quality company "adheres to" entity boutiques, process civilization, management efficiency, team excellence "as the goal, always put engineering quality first, strictly implement the" template road "initiative.

The construction of a masonry is set up at the beginning of the construction, and the team will be submitted to the team.

Before construction, the technicians conduct construction techniques in advance, in advance, while simultaneous written, orally, and technicians, the technicians also led the construction team leader to watch the drawings, speaking regulations.

According to the construction plan, the quality management personnel ensures the quality full coverage. After each process is qualified, it can enter the next process, and the quality process controls the final entity quality, laying a solid foundation for the release of the boutique project. During the construction process, the project department regularly organizes special inspections, and transforms project refined management into refined construction, ensuring that the quality of the project is always controllable. The company has always adhered to the safety management policy of "safety first, prevention, comprehensive management", with safety production standardized construction site as construction standards, measures and strengthens the safety production responsibility system, and conducts the safety hazard examination of construction site.

In the face of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the extreme harsh weather, the second phase of the city garden is in danger, quickly formulates the epidemic and flood control emergency plans, the specific division of labor, responsibility, and do a good job in the top of the typhoon, scaffolding, high plain shelving Safety protection, etc.

Innovative driver promotion projects, the new results of the intersection, intelligent construction, is a new project of Internet technology applications, is a new engineering full life cycle management concept. City Garden Phase II Project scientific planning, advance layout, putting BIM + smart construction site as a secret weapon auxiliary project construction process, which not only fully enhances the overall economic efficiency of the project, but also provides new ideas, new methods for project construction.

During the epidemic, the project department used the technology to quickly screen out of 49 people from the middle-high-risk area, and effectively block the risk of the epidemic and the health and safety of the project personnel. The company continues to advance scientific and technological innovation and continuously improve the transformation rate of new technologies. The second phase of urban garden is constantly exploring new ideas in engineering technology, seeking new breakthroughs, and project has declared more than 20 patents. Detail achievement quality, the company will actively practice "one day does not delay, one day," Influence.

(Yang Liu Feng Linlin) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.