Cai Qi: firmly promoting dynamic clearing zero action to eliminate the risk of hidden communication in social face

Original title: firmly promoting dynamic clearance action to eliminate social and hidden communication risks. (Reporter Qi Mengzhu Fan Junsheng) Yesterday afternoon, Cai Qi, secretary of the municipal party committee secretary and the leadership group of the municipal epidemic prevention and control work, went to Haidian District and Changping District , Viewing the front -line staff of epidemic prevention.

He emphasized that the current situation in our city is severe and complicated, and the prevention and control is in the stage of tackling.

It is necessary to firmly promote the dynamic clearance action, control the risk of the fastest speed, block the virus transmission chain, and completely eliminate the risk of hidden communication.

Wei Xiaodong, chairman of the CPPCC, Zhang Yankun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and deputy team leader of the leadership group of the prevention and control work.

  There are cases of social diagnosis cases in Supuzi Village, Qinghe Street, Haidian District, and Beichen Red Organ Villa in Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District.

Cai Qi inspected the implementation of the emergency response mechanism of the emergency risk -related risk on the spot, and learned about the progress of the work such as seal control management, flow traceability, and confidential judgment transfer. accelerate.

Fast control control, lock the risk points and personnel at the first time; to trace the source of the flow quickly, strengthen the analysis of the association comparison, and check the transmission chain as soon as possible; Essence

  During the inspection, Cai Qi emphasized that the problems should be analyzed and the loopholes should be blocked from each new case. For key areas and key cases, the emergency response mechanism of immune -related risks must be raised to strictly prevent risks.

The seal control management is implemented for the community (village) that appears in social cases.

Strictly control the personnel -related risk personnel, and quickly delineate the scope of control according to the trajectory of personnel activities. The sealing (tube) control area strictly implements the prevention requirements of the epidemic prevention area, and the risk personnel who do not have the conditions for home isolation must be concentrated.

Transfer should be given priority in the risk level to prevent cross -infection. The sealing (tube) control area must be fully evaluated, and subsequent epidemic prevention measures are strictly implemented after unblocking. In contrast, strict management of the urban and rural areas and regional areas.

Strengthen the analysis and judgment of the epidemic situation, dynamically adjust prevention and control measures, and let the prevention and control policies in a timely manner must be aware of the "last meter" of implementation. Strengthen the standardized management of centralized medical observation points to take care of the lives of isolation personnel. Implement the responsibility of the subject of colleges and universities, cooperate with the territory to do a good job in the prevention work of colleges and universities, care for teachers and students, and ensure the safety of campus. City leaders Zhang Jiaming and Yan Yanjun participated. (Responsible editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see it.