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Sleeping Beauty Night Skin Rejuvenation

At night, it is the golden schedule for skin recuperation, nourishment and regeneration, and reserve vitality. Use this time wisely to do adequate maintenance work, which will help to eliminate the skin’s ultraviolet rays, pollution and stress stimulation during the day.Rejuvenated with youthful vitality and moisture.

After a day of exhaustion, does your skin become dull, lose water, and look old?

With a full range of night-time maintenance, you can deeply pamper your skin, and you can also be a sleeping beauty.

  Starlight spots, hazy night.

The latest night maintenance compulsory credits, have you achieved them?

At night, it is the golden schedule for skin recuperation, nourishment and regeneration, and reserve vitality. Use this time wisely to do adequate maintenance work, which will help to eliminate the skin’s ultraviolet rays, pollution and stress stimulation during the day.Rejuvenated with youthful vitality and moisture.
  However, if you want to be a sleeping beauty, it is absolutely not enough to rely on natural beauty. It is different from skin maintenance after getting up in the morning, focusing on quick effects and defensive aspects; the most important thing in night maintenance is to clean thoroughly after going home.Make follow-up care products work unhindered.

In such ample private time, you may wish to spend a little effort and pamper your skin in multiple steps. You can carefully maintain the area according to the function, and even take a DIY professional-level full-scale intensive care to meet the needs of the skin at this moment.

In addition, in accordance with the needs of the season, timely add moisturizing products at night, durian is slightly irritating repair type maintenance products, if acid, vitamin A, etc. are also very suitable.

Experts also remind everyone to try to avoid letting the body and the skin have an inconsistent morning and dusk lifestyle. Regular exercise is far more important than a few sleep sleeps.

  A: If you gradually increase muscle strength, is the race dull and tired?

After working hard all day, I unconsciously feel the tiredness on the surface, and poor blood circulation on the skin surface, coupled with makeup all day, dust, powder, oil, dryness and other conditions multiply, so the closer to the evening work time,The easier it is to look dull and rough.

  Shortcuts for beauty: thorough cleansing + moderate exfoliation + brightening facial mask First, carefully wash the perfect camouflage of the face for a day, restore the clear face, avoid residual makeup dirt, and affect the effectiveness of subsequent skin care products.

Gently massage while exfoliating. In addition to allowing the fast-sleeping stagnant circulation metabolism, you can also remove the skin’s old keratin, by the way, wash away the surface melanin, accumulate dirt, make the glass look bright, and make the skin itself bright red.It can penetrate through, and the external light reflects a bright complexion.

Then apply whitening or add a mask that helps the skin’s circulation and metabolism, which can restore the radiance in the shortest time.

  Long-lasting skincare: Antioxidant + promote blood circulation or skin renewal night cream will destroy the free radicals of the skin cell balance. It is domineering during the day and ubiquitous at night. When the skin is etched and oxidized, the complexion is dull.

As a result, more and more skin care products will add antioxidants to the new formula to prevent damage at any time.

In addition, most skin care products pursuing brightening effects are grown with traditional Chinese medicines that can promote skin blood circulation, such as: Coix seed, Ginkgo biloba, Angelica and other main ingredients. The principle is like female qi and blood circulation is poor.In general, or use acid acids, salicylic acid, lactobionic acid type can improve the skin metabolism speed to improve brightness.

  Sisleya Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Brightening Serum B. If you lose water and your skin is dry and dehydrated, even if you have already done moisturizing and maintenance before going out, it may still be due to makeup, some water is absorbed, and you are in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, or you have a lot of exercise., Resulting in a gradual loss of water.

This also tests whether the moisturizing product you choose will last long enough.

  Shortcuts for beauty: thorough cleansing + moisturizing mask. If you are in a dynamic state all day, your body will sweat easily and your skin will easily get oily, especially if you do n’t make up at noon. Evening makeup in the evening will be almost pasted.The paradox is that the problem is caused by the shiny skin’s appearance, which prevents the water from entering and exiting normally. After you go home, you can remove makeup and wash your face, which can once again open up this channel to clear the water.

After cleansing, while the skin is still in a very soft state, then in a sealed manner, apply a mask that is full of dispersed essences, and let the skin drink enough water in a semi-compulsive manner, which can quickly restore the skin’s moist condition.

It is also a time-saving and effective night-time moisturizing method when using a gel-like mask and applying moisturizing care products while taking a bath in a bath.

  Long-lasting skincare: If the deep moisturizing essence supplement + moisturizing night cream cannot be maintained immediately after washing the face, it is recommended that you use high-performance toner with excellent moisturizing effect to add water at the initial stage to soften the skin and promote the follow-upThe penetration effect of maintenance.

In addition, the fine-grained, concentrated and multiplying essence is absolutely essential for nighttime maintenance. It uses various types of plant-based moisturizing ingredients, or red hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid formula to penetrate the skin and strengthen the self-mechanism of moisture.

Molecular contaminants, or those with a strong moisturizing effect, such as collagen-based emulsions and creams, are applied to the surface of the skin to play the role of moisture goalkeeper.

The latex particle size introduced by some brands, focusing on the good night mask for sleeping, can play the role of a transparent plastic wrap, prevent water loss during sleep, and awaken the skin with moisture.

For people who use moisturizers, it is useless. The dermatologist diagnosed that the skin protection film may have been damaged during the day, and they need to use products with mild lactic acid or other repair formulas to help smooth the skin.

  L’Occitane Shea Butter Essence Emulsion C If you are exposing, it is very unlikely that your skin will become loose within a day, but it may not be the facial expression during the day, and the dryness and dehydration will make the fine lines more visible.

When the maintenance effect in the morning is gradually reduced, the overall vision of the skin is also prone to puffy eyes, dark circles appear, and the complexion is yellow and old. It is especially deep to the mature or mature women.

  Shortcuts for beauty: thorough cleansing + moderate massage + firming mask. Just go home and comfortably soak in a bathtub to ensure a refreshing complexion immediately. Follow this theory to extend the massage products, from bottom to top, and from inside to outside.Revitalizing the skin’s lymph and blood circulation can also produce a refreshing effect similar to a bath, which is exactly what the mature women need for their skin to function too slowly.

After wiping off the excess massage products with a paper towel, apply a mask with anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle concentrated essence, especially the wheat protein and macromolecular collagen in the formula. It has a temporary lifting effect similar to egg white.The Cinderella girls who need to attend the party in the evening can’t be better.

If there is an entry device for home use, combined with anti-aging essence, the fast-acting compactness is also good.

  Long-lasting skin care: repair daytime injury + anti-aging cream Your skin is often under high pressure during the day, easily irritated by irritation, or exposed to ultraviolet light, but the defensive maintenance is too late because it has to go out?

Then add an extra bottle of repair skincare products at night, the latest night skincare products available on the market can help the skin repair itself, restore and regain health.

If there is no such problem, substitute vitamin A, vitamin C, peptide and other recognized effective anti-aging skin care products. You can use more moisturizing water on the size, dilute the fine lines that have been formed, and tighten.

Don’t forget to match antioxidant protection during the day to prevent the situation from worsening.

  How does Estee Lauder’s new Instant Repair Essence D sleep well?  Without a good night’s sleep, women’s beauty will be slowly stolen.

According to the survey, the number of insomnia continues to increase each year, do you also have an insomnia invasion?

There are many factors for insomnia, but most of them are personality traits that strive for perfection. Others such as stress, worry, and fear of falling asleep can cause insomnia; genetic conditions, abnormal day and night physical conditions, etc. can also cause sleep disorders.

Writing, bathing, soothing exercise, asking a doctor . are all ways to get a good sleep quality!

  Doctors remind: Sleep is a basic human need, and sleep is as important as diet in terms of health.

Most people should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Surveys have shown that there are more women than men with insomnia; 3 out of 4 mothers feel very tired.

Middle-aged women who sleep an average of 5 hours per night are more likely to develop high blood pressure than women who sleep an average of 8 hours; not only that, insomnia may increase the feeling of obesity and make it difficult to maintain or lose weight.

Another study showed that the human brain produces melatonin during sleep. Melatonin can delay the production of female estrogen, and insomnia can lead to increased estrogen levels and increase the chance of troponin.

  How can I improve my insomnia?

  When I return home after a tired day, I always think about the daytime work. I am upset and can’t sleep peacefully?

Sleeping pills may temporarily allow you to penetrate into difficult sleep, but not your long-term “sleep debt”.

Why not try the following sleep aids!

  Those who are not easy to fall asleep: You can develop a habit of writing a diary before bedtime, vent your mind through writing, or drink a cup of warm milk and take a hot bath 2 hours before bedtime.

  Sometimes people who can’t sleep: If you are awake for more than 20 minutes in bed, you still feel awake, accompanied by sulking in bed, do not prevent you from getting up to do some simple exercises such as yoga, listen to comfortable and gentle music, and lie back to bed when you feel sleepy.

  Easily wake up after falling asleep, or doubt whether you fall asleep, poor sleep quality: Do not prolong sleep time to 9?
10 hours, may wish to change the sleep time to normal sleep time for 1?
Can be adjusted back in 2 weeks.

  Those who work late due to excessive night stays: If you want to make up for sleep at noon, do not exceed half an hour; do not take a break in the afternoon after 3 o’clock, so as not to affect the night’s sleep time.

Aromatherapy, improving sleep quality is always a treatment for temporary or long-term insomnia. The efficacy of aromatherapy is surprisingly good.

There are several types of essential oils that can cause drowsiness safely and naturally, and there is no substitute for sleeping pills.

In addition, the method of implementing aromatherapy is also very simple. As long as you take an aromatic bath or drop a few drops of essential oil on the pillow, it will have very good results.

Most people are very relaxed and even drowsy after using anti-insomnia essential oils, so using essential oils before going to bed at night is the most effective way to end insomnia.

It works better with aromatic baths.

If your sleep condition does not return to normal within a short period of time, you can interrupt with continuous use of essential oils.

Choose a sleep aid essential oil that allows you to quickly enter deep sleep, make your skin more beautiful, and meet your daily work with the best mental state!

  Lavender essential oil: Everyone knows that the most basic relaxing essential oil, the sweet fragrance of flowers and plants can relax the mood and adjust the balance. Both men and women like it.

Roman chamomile essential oil: It has a good anti-inflammatory effect and can alleviate the symptoms of digestive system discomfort such as neurogastritis.

Roman chamomile and rose essential oils are expensive essential oils, which have a good effect on sleep aids. One drop is enough when used.

  Marjolian essential oil: In the 17th century, Marjolian essential oil was used by British doctors to treat neurological disorders. It belongs to the flower category but has a little woody taste, so it is warm and thorough, which can calm down the mood and can be used as a tranquilizer.

  Frankincense Essential Oil: At the birth of Jesus, three astronomers bowed down from the east following the guidance of the stars and presented gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Its scent is calm and calms down quickly, suitable for people who dream repeatedly.

In fact, it has anti-aging effect and is widely used in skin care products.

  Bergamot essential oil: Its spice is very mild. It can effectively penetrate into the body when it is irritable or over-excited, and it can relax the mood and have a good therapeutic effect on insomnia.

  How to eat a good sleep-assisted assorted rice: Soak marijuana and Poria for one hour, put it in a pot, boil it with water, and simmer for another 20 minutes. Cook rice with herbs, add diced mushrooms, diced carrots, diced bamboo shoots, and chickenDice, lily and salt and MSG, stir well.

  Efficacy: Calm and calm, relieve wind and peace of mind, relieve symptoms such as dizziness, headache and upset caused by insomnia.

  How to make sweet water lily porridge: remove the jujube kernels and cypress seeds, and mash them. After gauze is wrapped, add 500 ml of water to fry the thick juice. Wash the lotus seeds and the rice before and put them in the pot to cook porridge., You can add honey or sugar according to taste, you can also add an appropriate amount of jujube and wolfberry.

  Efficacy: Nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, palpitations for insomnia, constipation.