Family environment suitable for the elderly to maintain health _1

“Family environment” suitable for the elderly to maintain health

The temperature of the room temperature is preferably 18-20 degrees Celsius.
The room temperature is too low, the elderly are prone to catch cold and catch cold; the room temperature is too high and it is easy to make people tired and lack of energy.
The optimum humidity in the humidity family should be 50%-60%.
Humidity is high, making people feel damp and suffocating; while the air is too dry, the body will evaporate a lot of water, causing dryness, dry mouth, sore throat and other discomforts, especially for elderly patients with respiratory infections, which will aggravate the condition because it is difficult to cough up.
  Ventilation in the morning, open the window ventilation, can discharge indoor exhaust gas, let fresh air come in, the general room window for 20-30 minutes, the indoor air can be updated again.
Noise studies have shown that when the noise is 50-60 dB, the average person will have a sense of noise.
For elderly people with heart disease, quiet is a treatment.
Creating a quiet and elegant environment in the family is good for the elderly to recuperate.
  Sunlight exposure in the lighting room is especially important for the elderly.
Let the sun shine directly into the room, which can give people a sense of comfort. The ultraviolet rays in the sun also have disinfection and sterilization effects.
Beds for the elderly should use hard beds.
It is better to sleep on the mattress without sleeping.
The height of the bed should be below the knee, equal to the length of the calf. Too high or too low will make the elderly feel inconvenient and increase the chance of falling.