So Zhang Qiang will leave。

But the iron hand A Guang doesn’t want to leave so easily,“Qin Feng,Dare you dare to fight me!”A Guang Anger。
“go back!”Zhang Qiang said。
“Don’t you even know what is more important?”Zhang Qiang didn’t want to explain more,After all, if A Guang is not obedient at this time,Zhang Qiang won’t say anything,It’s just that in the future, maybe we will describe strangers with A Guang.?
But before A Guang makes a decision,The sword in Zhang Qiang’s hand is already in the front position,Blocked the sudden blow。
The person who attacked is naturally not Qin Feng,But the same Chu Xiao who has disappeared like Qin Feng。
“Yo,You are still alive!”Qin Feng almost forgot the existence of this person。After all, when they ran away that day,Chu Xiao seems to be still fighting behind。
Now he can actually reappear,This means that he could not only escape smoothly,No serious injuries yet。
After all, if he is injured,I’m afraid I can’t insist on coming here long ago。
“Want to leave so soon??How long did i wait for this moment do you know?it’s good now,No one hinders us!”After Chu Xiao appeared, he said this coldly。
“Humph,well,Since you are here to stop me,Then you must have the consciousness of death。”Finished saying this,Zhang Qiang directly went to war with Chu Xiao。I don’t even care about Oda’s affairs anymore.。Because he understands,I’m going back now, I’m afraid it’s too late。Besides,Will Chu Xiao let him leave easily??
Obviously impossible!