“report,No enemy was found behind!”

“Strange,Should we also learn to catch turtles in the urn inside the ruins??”
“Haha,Yali,You think too much,Maybe they are all lost,I don’t think they have scouts,Like‘Forgotten City’No scouts on this kind of map is equivalent to walking with your eyes closed……”
“Correct,Fortunately we have Sweet Orange to provide you with a map,In time for their resurrection to quickly seize the eastern ruins!”
“no matter what,Everyone must guard against each other,I think it’s better to put the golden key and the agate key on one person,Sneak into the center ruins,While others are around attracting the other’s attention!”
“it is good,Let Banana go with the key,We lay a good cover for him!”
This Oscar team conspiracy,The members of the Flower and Grass team who happened to be ambushed in the blind can hear clearly,Guo Yinzhe and Xiao Zhao just clutched their stomachs and laughed。
“Everyone ready,I’ll kill the opponent’s banana driver……”Feng Xichuan whispered。
“Ok,no problem。”Anna Cao made a gesture of receiving the task。
With Feng Xichuan’s command,The members of the Huacao team rushed out of the sand walls on both sides of the Oscar team。
“Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!”
“what!In an ambush!Everyone!”
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”