Ruikang Hospital held a party history learning education mobilization meeting

On March 30th, the Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (hereinafter referred to as Ruikang Hospital) held a mobilization meeting of party history and mobilization, and mobilized the hospital to carry out party history education.

Dao Hongjun, Party Secretary Ruikang Hospital, mobilized the conversation, deputy secretary of the party committee, Tang Yumeang, presided over the meeting.

The Party Committee of the Hospital, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the General Secretary of the Party, the Secretary of the Party Branch, and nearly 400 people in the middle school cadres attended the meeting. At the beginning of the conference, all the staff of the participating meetings watched the video of the Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Mobilization Conference.

When Gao Hongjun said in the conversation of the party history, it pointed out that the education of party history is to pay attention to the hard work of the party’s struggle and the great achievements, and the party’s glorious tradition is firm, and the strength of the strength is used. The party’s practice creation and historical experience enlighten wisdom, and the character. It is necessary to carry out the party history education as the first political task of the hospital and the first political task of the future, and complete the national history of the party history. Shi Chongde, persistence, constantly improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, from the party’s 100-year great struggle to continue the wisdom and majestic power, to condense the hospital for high quality development, enthusiasm Struggle.

Gao Hongjun learned a good hospital party history and proposed three requirements: First, we must improve the political station, unify thinking, and profoundly understand the significance of learning education in party history. Second, we must highlight key points, grasp the requirements to accurately grasp the core tasks of party history learning education.

Third, to strengthen organizational leadership, pay close attention to implementation, and ensure that party history education has achieved solid results. Tang Yuming pointed out that the study of party history is to combine the hospital’s stable development and daily medical work. It is closely to the "one goal" "three major projects" "Top Ten Mission" formulated by the hospital. It is really "two incorrect , Two promotion, two improvements. To learn from the party history, learn the history of history, school history, learning history, school history, study history, through learning party history, understanding ideas to do practical things, open new bureaus, putting party members and cadres in learning education enthusiasm and Inquiring spiritual transformation into a powerful driving force for attacking hard, officer entrepreneurship, with high quality hospital construction results inspected learning education, and welcoming the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.