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  Professor of Secondary and Secondary School of Renmin University, the Ministry of Education "New Century Excellent Talent Support Program" He is currently the deputy dean of the Renmin University of China, deputy dean of the Public Policy Research Institute, National Key Discipline – Director of the Constitutionalism and Administrative Rule of Law, China.

He is also a vice president of the Chinese Constitutional Research Association, Vice President of the Constitutional Research Association of Beijing Law Society, China Jinggangshan Cadres, Zhengzhou University Part-time professor, National Ministry of Education, University Student Division and Legal Consultants, National Bureau of Statistics consultant.

The field of research includes the basic theory of constitution, violation review, basic theory of administrative law and administrative lawsuit. He won the "First Youth Legist Nomination Award" in 1996; 2007, "Advanced Worker" in Renmin University of China; in 2008, Beijing Teacher and Hundred Lawners Baodi Learning "Best Proclaim"; 2011 Won the national excellent doctoral thesis instructors and the title of Baosteel Excellent Teacher. There is "Constitutional Review" (2007), "China Constitutional Problems" (1998), "Administrative Punishment Research" (1998), "China Rule of Law" (2009), and compiled and edited multiple academic works .