Anhui Fendong: The big city is going to the east to "Xintang Avenue"

Feidong County Xi Xin integrated high-efficiency photovoltaic component project construction site, workers are building steel structural plants.

Yan Xuefeng photographed the "New Gang Avenue" industry and enterprises is the core support of the county economy, strong industrial, strong enterprise, and the county strong.

On August 24, the Hefei Circular Economic Demonstration Park in Feidong County, the high-efficiency photovoltaic component production base, the machine roared, the workers are building steel structural plants, and the fire is full of heat.

This is the world’s largest photovoltaic component production base, and the total investment of 18 billion yuan.

In the future, a modern green energy super intelligent plant will get up here. "The total investment in the first phase of the integrated high-efficiency photovoltaic component project is about 4 billion yuan, mainly construction includes production workshops, power workshops, comprehensive warehouses, total control rooms, office buildings, quality inspection complex, door guards, and supporting construction, fire, fire, Environmental facilities.

"Hefei Xie Xin Jian Xin Energy Technology Co., Ltd." The head of the comprehensive plan of the company "Wang He tells the People’s Network Anhui Channel, the project plan is implemented in the fourth phase, and the first phase will put production in September this year. It is expected that the annual output value is not less than 13 billion after the production. Yuan, after the project is all reached, the annual output value is not less than 40 billion yuan. At present, with the core of Xixin Photovoltaic, Jingke Optoelectronics, Feidong County gathered more than 10 photovoltaic photoelectronics, initially forming a technological research and development of highland industrial clusters In the future, it will penetrate the intelligent manufacturing of high-efficiency photovoltaic components and the upper and lower reaches of industrial chain, which has become the intelligent manufacturing highlands of the global photovoltaic industry to form a hundred billion-level industrial scale.

The photovoltaic industry is one of the "New Gang Avenue" industrial clusters of the Feidong layout.

Feidong County uses market logic, capital power, platform thinking, reform method to carry out "double trick double lead", surrounding the province and city "core screen air-in" stretching the chain of "New Light Avenue" local characteristic industrial cluster. Among them, "new" is to build new energy, new material base; "light" is the construction of a photovoltaic photovoltaic industry base, creating "Anhui Photovoltaic first county"; "big" is a large health, big data base, building provincial bio-medicines Industrial cluster, layout big data industrial park, construction of the Yangtze River Digital Science and Technology Center; "Tao" is a cluster of rail transit and equipment manufacturing industries with national competitiveness.

"The new industry will bring new opportunities for Feantong development, and transform the unique resource endowment, industrial basis, and geostain advantages into new growth kinetic energy.

"Yu Dong County Party Committee, the county governor Yao Fei said, the fastest 2023, the most recently produced total production value will reach 100 billion yuan, 2025 will reach 120 billion yuan, to" 145 ", Feidong It is expected to enter the top 50 national county and further achieve the position in the Yangtze River Delta county.