Strictly prevent young cadres’ "suffering" network bad habits

Original title: Recently, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Yucheng District, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province, reported to the district’s staff of the sanitation department of the district, Chen Mou’s "Internet involved" and "gambling" illegal typical issues. 35 -year -old Chen was obsessed with online gambling and illegally used the Internet to open a casino. He was eventually expelled from public office. He was sentenced to two years and five months in prison for committing a casino. Yuan. The reporter sorted out the case and found that in recent years, public officials have frequently occurred due to the obsession of online gambling and online games.

Strugging the post risk exposed by the "Internet -related" violations of discipline and discipline and the youth of the person involved. From the perspective of the post, the people involved in the problem of online gambling and online games are mainly concentrated in first -line or leading positions such as capital management. Most of the personnel involved are in front -line positions with certain power such as "management of money, management projects, and approval". There are conveniences to handle specific business directly, and some are still in accounts such as accounting and cashier. Li Sisi, who served as the financial accounting of Fengwu Town, Pingguo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, took advantage of the stool of his position and misappropriated more than 1.57 million yuan in public funds by transferring public funds to personal accounts and expenditures. Game, etc.

Some personnel involved hold a certain leader position and use the convenience or influence of their positions to obtain funds illegally.

Chen Wei, former chairman and general manager of Haining Industry Federation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Province hundreds of rewards for online female anchors, which cost more than one million yuan. When Chen Wei’s salary gradually could not afford to reward frequently, the boss around him came to "make up the platform" in time, or borrowed money directly, or made him make money in the name of investment.

From the perspective of age structure, the younger person involved is a major feature of such cases.

Shanghai Foreign Services Zhejiang Co., Ltd.’s provident fund operation specialist Lin Qi was obsessed with online gambling. At the age of 23, he reached his hand to the company’s funds. In 5 years, the corruption provident fund was 12 times, with a total amount of more than 2.04 million yuan.

According to the statistics of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, 11 cases of the state have investigated and dealt with the "Internet" gambling cases since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Among them, there are 9 cases of young cadres under the age of 35.

After the indulgence of public officials, there are many "sequelae", which can easily cause work slack and discipline and violations of laws. Public officials are obsessed with the Internet.

Du Xiaoju, the original accountant of Yueba Township, Yueba Township, Ganzi Prefecture, often dealt with a poor handling of online gambling due to online gambling, and often delays for no reason when issuing funds. The masses come to do things. Essence Liu Yong, the former full -time disciplinary committee of Aden Township, once often walked to the village to learn about the status of the mass. However, after the habit of contaminating the Internet gambling, his work enthusiasm dropped, his will is depressed, and he has no interest in the exchanges with the masses in Xiacun.

Online gambling, online games, and online games require money support. Public officials are obsessed with it, which can easily cause illegal crimes such as corruption and bribery, embezzlement of public funds.

For example, within 5 months, Du Xiaoju misappropriated more than 2.37 million yuan in public funds in 56 times. Liu Yong stole the funds of Huimin and corrupted the national special funds of more than 10,000 yuan. Some public officials even obtained funds by deceiving the masses. Li Wenzhi, the former president of the Pingchuan Court of Binchuan County, Yunnan Province, repaid high gambling debts and deceived the parties to the case.

Shen Hongtao, former deputy director of a squadron of the city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade of Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, obtained more than 940,000 yuan in the name of multiple people’s property, and then lied that they could sell slag soil to unload and pay for inspection. Deducting the vehicle fine and putting the car early, etc., to deceive the management service objects of more than 390,000 yuan.

The root cause is that the people involved in the case are empty and the three views are not correct, but it also exposes that many regulatory loopholes party members and cadres are closely related to the problem of disciplinary violations of discipline and violations, but the root is still empty in spiritual life. View of a person’s life, values. The education of party spirit is lacking, the ideological defense is shaken, and the bad habits are easy to enter. Lack of awe of the discipline and law, let some party members and cadres be lucky, paralyzed themselves, extend the black hands to the public funds, and drive it, "just borrow and earn more money to return". Go astray. There are also some young people involved in admiration vanity, eager to prove themselves through money, status, etc., regard online gambling as "shortcuts" to get rich, and enjoy the feeling of calling the wind and rain in the virtual world … "Young cadres are more likely to accept online new things, but sometimes existing existence Insufficient experience, insufficient fixed force, etc., are easily seduced by poor network habits.

"Cui Lianqiang, director of the Fourth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of Laiyang City Discipline Inspection Commission of Shandong Province, analyzed.

What is more vigilant is that some units are not complete and inadequate, and they are easily drilled. The original regiment of Anhe Village, Fuxin Town, Beiliu City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the original Nalong Meijun, the villagers ‘cooperatives, misappropriated the public funds for online gambling. According to the case of the case personnel, the local villagers’ cooperatives are not standardized. The regulatory system of funds is shaped in shape, and corruption and misappropriation of public funds have the opportunity to take advantage of it. The right medicine blocks the loopholes, and it is necessary to manage the money and manage the people. "To strengthen the implementation of the system, implement the supervision mechanisms such as audit, monthly nuclear pairs, and prevent issues such as accounting and cashiers." The problems exposed by the class case, the local disciplinary committee supervisory committee promoted Deg County to block the loopholes from the source, establish and improve the internal financial management system of the unit, allow supervisors to grasp the changes in funds in time, and standardize the payment procedures.

At the same time, promote the construction of various special fund systems and use of funds, and create "Sunshine Finance".

In -depth research on the characteristics of young cadres growing up in the network environment, and strengthening education, management and supervision in a targeted manner, and helping them to buckle their integrity "the first buckle" from politics.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Yacheng District of Ya’an City has incorporated the problem of corruption of young cadres into the "network" and "gambling" corruption issues into the focus of daily supervision. Only by allowing party members and cadres to truly strengthen their ideals and convictions, enrich the spiritual world, and awe of discipline and laws, can we enhance the "resistance" of bad habits. Laiyang City finds a small incision and adopts the "case+interpretation" micro -video form. It enhances the awareness of the discipline and law of party members and cadres through cases, claims, and cases of cases.

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Longsheng Autonomous County Discipline Inspection Commission regularly conducts warning education activities and the clean -up talks, timely understanding the ideological dynamics of party members and cadres, living conditions outside eight hours, and building party members and cadres to refuse corruption and defense line. (Responsible editor: Zhao Xinyue, Bai Yu) Share let more people see it.