Social phenomena trigger mental illness

Social phenomena trigger mental illness

It is beneficial for the new generation of the Internet to go online abnormally. However, a large amount of time every day, or to visit some unhealthy websites, is likely to cause mental illness.

Such as long-term online chat, games, and online dating, it is very likely that Internet users will be in a virtual state for a long time and affect their normal cognitive, emotional and psychological positioning. In severe cases, personality splits may even occur.

  The change of feelings and family Disappointment is necessarily a very painful emotional experience. The party who loses love will suffer because of the difficulty of giving up the relationship, and the feeling of loss will increase the degree of psychological imbalance. Some people will have psychological obstacles or even irrational radical behavior., Causing irreparable harm to the other party and themselves.

  In addition, the injured parties, especially women, often cannot withstand the disintegration of their families after divorce, causing psychological harm.

A related survey shows that about 70% of the current divorced population feel overwhelmed by psychological stress, and this population is in great need of psychological support and assistance.

  Overworked work pressure Many urban white-collar workers are trapped by high-intensity work pressure, are in a state of high tension for a long time, and often do not get timely conditioning. Over time, they will produce symptoms such as anxiety, mental depression and other symptoms.Or mental illness.

  Living in poverty increases the psychological pressure This group is mainly laid-off workers and poor students in colleges and universities.

For some laid-off workers, it is difficult to change the concept for a while, disregarding domestic work, construction, and other tasks, which leads to the embarrassing situation of “doing nothing high and doing nothing low.”

The dual effects of psychological stress and life stress can easily lead to mental illness and even family breakdown.

  For some poor students entering higher education institutions, the contradiction of economic conditions is imminent and can only be caused by vanity. This reality will exacerbate the contradiction and increase the probability of these poor students’ mental illness.

  The psychological tendency of quick success and immediate benefits is promoted, and depression is easy to get after buying a house. Some people have a tendency to seek immediate success in their careers. They often cannot afford the blow of failure.

Because they have high expectations for success and don’t want to spend too much energy, they always want to be big and small, and hope to get more done with less.

But the reality is often not changed by human subjective expectations, of course, it is easy to be disappointed and lost.

Some people are desperate to work because they are eager to achieve success, constantly compressing themselves and always demanding themselves. As a result, they often fail due to lack of energy, and cause psychological disorders such as depression and autism.