Less than a hundred yuan can cross more than half of China’s airlines for self-rescue

Less than a hundred yuan can cross more than half of China’s airlines for “self-rescue”

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  Original title: 49 yuan from Shanghai to Chongqing, 112 yuan from Shenzhen to Chengdu Behind the “flight” came true, airlines mostly turned to “self-help” Source: Daily Economic News Shanghai 49 yuan from Chongqing, 89 yuan from Shanghai to Harbin, Shanghai toKunming is 99 yuan . Less than a hundred yuan can cross half of China, and the recent ticket prices are amazing.

  Today (February 23), a reporter from “Daily Economic News” inquired about major OTA platforms and found that in February, the lowest ticket prices from Shanghai to Chengdu, Chongqing, Harbin, Xi’an and other places were less than 100 yuan, and the discount rate reached0.


50% off.

Some netizens lamented that air tickets are cheaper than pork, and they have truly achieved “flight.”

  However, for the airline company, there may still be a bloody resurgence behind the special ticket.

On February 23, Spring and Autumn Airlines news report Zhang Wu’an said in an interview with the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that the current restoration of some flights mainly reflects the layout of public transportation and social responsibility.

“The current fare is an extreme of the off-season fare strategy.

With the orderly resumption of work according to different levels of risk prevention and control in various places, the ticket prices and seat load factors of flights will also be adjusted and improved in an orderly manner.

“February 24th, Shanghai to Chongqing special air tickets Photo source: Where to travel App screenshot The ticket price is obviously” diving “In February, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities flew to Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Harbin,The discounts on economy class tickets in cities like Kunming are also mostly 1?
Around 30% off, or even more than 1% off.

For example, in February, the lowest is 235 yuan from Beijing to Chongqing, the lowest is 280 yuan from Shenzhen to Xi’an, and the lowest is 308 yuan from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou . The reporter noticed that these special tickets are mainly for first-tier cities to travel to major domestic labor export destinations.

However, discounts on economy class between first-tier cities are also between 2 and 60% off.

For example, in February, the lowest fare from Beijing to Shenzhen was 550 yuan, with a discount of up to 80% on economy class.

  In addition, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, according to the latest quotations from major OTA platforms, the low-price ticket model also continued into March.

In March, the fare discount of various airline companies also basically reached 1?
3 fold.

Take Shanghai to Chengdu as an example, March 1st?
On March 10, the lowest ticket price is only 73 yuan; on March 11?
On March 19, it was only 113 yuan, and the discount was less than 100%. At the end of March, the lowest price was only about 300 yuan, with a discount range of 1?
2 fold.

  Senior captain Chen Jianguo analyzed to the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that the current stage is mostly a passenger flow, that is, a one-way passenger flow back to the work place, so tickets from Shanghai to Chongqing, Chengdu, Harbin and other places will not appear on a large scale.Hundred yuan situation.

The flight can only recover some costs by returning.

“Only after the epidemic is over, business, tourism, and student flow will gradually recover.

The reporter checked the Chengdu-Shanghai route on the OTA platform. Economy class tickets are generally at 3?
6 fold.

The lowest fare from Chengdu to Shanghai was 800 yuan in February, and the lowest fare was 650 yuan in March.

  ”At present, the airline’s flights are still at a loss, but they are gradually improving.

At present, the unidirectionality is particularly obvious. Relatively speaking, the passenger load factor of the route from the labor exporting place to the working city will be better, and the market will be relatively weak.

Civil aviation expert Lin Zhijie told reporters.

The price of air tickets from Chengdu to Shanghai on February 24 was around RMB 1,000. Image source: Where to travel. Screenshots of the airline company. The airline company has resumed the voyage gradually.

Spring Airlines recently announced that in order to ensure the orderly resumption of production and resumption of production in various enterprises and institutions around the world, in order to protect the travel of passengers, starting from the evening of February 21, it opened and resumed 27 domestic and international routes.

This batch of routes involves Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Jieyang (Chaoshan), Xi’an, Ningbo, Nanjing and other destinations with breakthrough study needs, as well as international flights from Bangkok, Thailand and Chiang Mai in multiple places.

  On February 20, China Eastern Airlines stated that after recent market research jurisprudence, it plans to resume the implementation of some domestic and international routes from the end of February to March.

At present, there are plans to restore more than 800 flights from Shanghai Hongqiao Pudong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Kunming and Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao to various places.

Among them, according to market demand, China Eastern Airlines also resumed the Kunming-Yangon-Kunming MU9749 / 9750 flight on February 25 and 29, and the Kunming-Mandalay-Kunming MU2029 / 2030 flight on February 26 and 28, whichIt is also the first batch of China Eastern Airlines to resume international flights.
  On February 21, Hainan Airlines said that through the resumption of production 合肥夜网 and resumption of production, Hainan Airlines is gradually restoring flight capacity based on market conditions. It is expected that by the end of February, Hainan Airlines will gradually recover from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou.More than 450 flights from Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and other places.

  According to data provided by Frequent Flyer, the passenger load factor of domestic civil aviation increased significantly on February 21, reaching 55%, the highest since January 23.

Recently, the number of canceled flights nationwide has gradually decreased, showing a preliminary warming up trend.

On February 21st, Xu Shuxiong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Airport Group, said that the current flight re-routing rate of Zhejiang’s airport is close to 40%. At the end of February and early March, the flight re-routing is expected to reach 70% to 80% (except international routesouter).

  In addition, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the epidemic during the return journey of employees, “chartering and returning employees to work” is becoming one of the important ways to accelerate the return to work and production across the country.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 20 airlines that have released custom return charter services.

According to the CCTV News report on the 22nd, the civil aviation department has carried out more than 50 charter flights for resumption of work. From the direction of travel, mainly southwest, northwest, and northeast migrant workers went to east China.
  The reporter learned from China Eastern Airlines that, as of noon on February 21, China Eastern Airlines had received 81 domestic flights, more than one.

The travel demand intention of 10,000 people, the route covers Xingyi-Ningbo, Guiyang-Hangzhou, Shanghai-Kashgar, Shanghai-Bangkok, Dubai-Pudong and other places.

  China Southern Airlines said that since February 18, when China Southern launched the resumption and resume production charter service for government and enterprise units across the country, only one day on February 19, China Southern had received more than 200 consultation calls for resumption of charter flights.Shanghai, Chengdu-Shenzhen, Mianyang-Guangzhou, Jinan-Urumqi and other routes.

  According to Lin Zhijie, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, expansion, resumption of production, and epidemic prevention and control have become the most urgent needs of governments and enterprises. Fast aircraft speeds and good cabin air circulation have become the preferred method;A large number of airline company flights were cancelled, and the plane “layed in the sun”, “as long as there is live pull, the price is easy to say”.

As a result, a new charter model for government and enterprise charter flights to pick up employees has returned.