Yang·Timer seems hesitant,He looks at Halber·Jess Tesla,Asked:“Halber,Have you heard of the excimer laser lithography concept mentioned by Mr. Arthur??”

As the global CEO of the entire Philips Group,Yang·Timo never heard of Gandy·Dr. Jayne’s“Excimer laser lithography”The idea is normal,After all, what he has to do is to manage the company rather than semiconductor technology,But as the head of the Philips Semiconductor Division,If Halber·Jess Tesla doesn’t know this,That’s not justified。
Halber·Jestela frowned:“This one……I heard it before,But I don’t know very carefully,You know,The group has decided to abandon this business……”
“So,”Yang·Timor’s brows frowned tighter,Lips moved,Seems to have something to say,But considering that there is an outsider Chen Geng present,He didn’t say anything after all,But nodded,Suddenly looking at Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Are you interested in investing in semiconductor technology?”
Hear Yang·Timmer’s words,Chen Geng was taken aback。
“IBMThe reason why it can be called‘Blue giant’,Inseparable from their investment in semiconductor technology,Your United Data Company wants to be bigger and stronger,In the future, it is inevitable that some efforts will be made in semiconductor technology.,Mr. Arthur’sASMIThe company’s technology in semiconductor front-end equipment is still very strong,They just lack funds now……
Mr. Arthur,Let me introduce to you,This is the richest super diamond king in the United States、AMCFernandez, owner of Auto and United Data Corporation·Mr. Chen,Mr. Fernandez’sthinkcenterSeries of computers in the entire North AmericaIBMAnd apple,Become the world’s best-selling microcomputer。
At the same time they are the world’s largest microcomputer general-purpose software developer,Theirord、Excel、accessWait for the software to firmly occupy more than90%Above market share……”
Chen Geng did not expect,I’m thinking about how to not enter but see if I can investASMIwhen,Yang·Timer actually introduced himself to himselfASMI,And tried to encourage myself to investASMI,What’s happening here?Chen is a bit dazed。
As for Arthur·Del·Prado,His eyes are straight。
No blame for his straight eyes,Halber·Where did Jess Tesla get the news that today’s Philips Group’s global CEO Yang·Mr. Timmer will personally accompany a VIP from the United States to visit the Semiconductor Division,This is how he convinced Yang·Mr. Timmer’s great opportunity。
Arthur·Del·Prado also thinks this is a great opportunity,But what he didn’t expect is,This distinguished guest from the United States is so big,AMCThe boss、The boss of United Data Corporation……Can it be more scary?
Listen to Yang·Mr. Timmer tirelessly marketed himself to this Fernandez·Mr. Chen,Arthur·Del·Prado is also very heart-warming:no doubt,The United States is the center of semiconductor technology,in caseASMIAbility to cooperate with the renowned United Data Corporation,Obviously it is much stronger than the cooperation with Philips Semiconductor Division。
Chen Geng, who reacted, looked at Yang with a funny face·Timmer:“Mr. Timmer,You mean to suggest that I invest in Mr. Hammer’s company?”
“Yes,”Although Yang·Timer also feels that he is not doing this very authentically,But still that sentence,A dead friend is not dead,In order to smoothly throw out this hot potato,Yang·Timo BlowASMIThe company doesn’t even have the skin:“Mr. Fernandez,ASMIAlthough his strength is not top,But they have a very good technology R&D team……”