Man taking a shower in the morning

Man taking a shower in the morning

The best way to exercise plasma pill is to use the cold method.

This is the most effective method that has been handed down since ancient times and is recognized.

Mouse pill must be active at low temperatures.

Just let the scrotum contact the outside air three times a day, while manually massage the syringe pill to promote blood circulation.

Then, before sexual intercourse, use cold water to soak the plasma pill for five to ten minutes, then you can exercise the retinal pill and improve sexual function.

  Can the morning bath create the vitality of the penis?

After having sex last night, I took a good sleep.

But when I woke up the next day, I always felt that my body was heavy and I couldn’t get the fatigue.

In addition to physical problems, this is often caused by the fatigue of the spine’s reflex function. If this is the case, then you can’t recover your strength if you rest.

In this case, if you can lie on the bed, do some gymnastics, the blood circulation of the body, and even change your mood, it is easy to restore your strength.

However, when the feeling of tiredness severely punishes the situation in which the gymnastics that you want to overcome can’t move, it must be quite uncomfortable.

  At this time, you may wish to put a bath of water and make it comfortable.

At this time, bathing, stimulated by hot water will accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, which can eliminate fatigue and the spirit is a vibration.

In addition, when the function of the body recovers, the mood will be improved by knowledge.